Coachella won’t require proof of vaccination anymore

UPDATE: Well, unvaccinated teenagers, you win this round: Both Coachella and Stagecoach announced on Tuesday that they have reversed their decision to fully vaccinate all participants and will instead allow a negative Covid-19 test result as an alternative.

This is according to an update published at both festivals Instagram accounts:

“After seeing first-hand the low data on the transmission and successful implementation of safety protocols at our other festivals last month, we feel confident that we can update our health policy to allow: a negative test for Covid-19,” made within 72 hours of the event; or proof of full vaccination. “

The news comes after an August announcement by promoter AEG Presents that all of its clubs and festivals will require proof of vaccination by October 1. The revised policy for Coachella and Stagecoach now puts them in line with their neighbors LA County Wax or Test Policy for big events.

Our original story from August 12, 2021 appears below.

If you plan to swallow all the things on Coachelathen you will need a punch in the hand first.

The concert promoter AEG Presents, which mostly produces Coachella and Stagecoach through its Goldenvoice subsidiary announced that by October 1 it will require proof of vaccination against Covid-19 to enter owned and operated clubs, theaters and festivals. The rules apply to places in the county, but here in LA specifically that means El Ray, fund, Shrine’s audience, Roxy and the new will soon require your wax card to enter all of their shows.

The news comes in response to the highly portable Delta version, which has already appeared some bars and clubs in Los Angeles that need to be hired proof of vaccination at the door.

Initially, AEG Presents will have a policy of “vaccinating or testing” all of its shows and venues – except in locations where vaccine passports are banned in Florida. such as California’s guidelines for so-called mega events, you will be asked to provide proof of your vaccination status or a negative test taken in the last 72 hours (although unlike the state, they will not rely solely on self-assessment). This testing option will be phased out (except for children under 12) no later than October 1, when the company plans to implement its vaccinated policy only. AEG Presents says it is waiting until October to give concert goers enough time to get an injection and then wait two weeks for their last dose. Once you are there, you will need to show either your paper CDC card or digital proof on the door.

And what if you don’t? Frequently asked questions on the AEG Presents website clearly states that “you will not enter” if you are not fully vaccinated, with some exceptions for documented medical and religious exceptions. The company says it will release information on the refund closer to October 1.

Politics is likely to have the greatest impact on teenagers and twenty-something, the least vaccinated age groups. In Los Angeles County, 60% of eligible people under the age of 30 received at least one dose of the vaccine. When it expands to the rest of the country, that percentage decreases by a few percentage points. However, they will have time to take action on the festivals: except this weekend Splash Housewhich has already announced such a policy, the November one Head in the clouds The Rose Bowl will mark the company’s first vaccine-only festival, while the remaining festivals won’t come until next spring.

It is worth noting that this policy comes from AEG Presents, not from the broader company AEG, which owns both the Staples Center and Dignity Health Sports Park. In accordance with state guidelines for so-called “mega events”, these places simply have to ask ticket holders to testify about their vaccination status or a negative test result in the last 72 hours; although when asked for comment, AEG tells us that it has already asked attendees to show their vaccine cards at the Lakers and Clippers games towards the end of the season. Ultimately, this policy can be strengthened if LA’s mandate for an indoor vaccine is transmitted.

Coachella won’t require proof of vaccination anymore Source link Coachella won’t require proof of vaccination anymore

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