Clovis Rodeo officials keeping close eye on forecast

CLOVIS, California (KFSN) – This is not Clovis’s first rodeo.

In fact, it’s the 108th Clovis Rodeo. But this is the first from 2019 without restrictions for COVID.

The event was canceled completely in 2020 and in 2021 vaccination cards or negative COVID tests were required for entry, which resulted in fewer fans on the stands.

“It was really limited and our attendance was very low.”

This year, however, thousands of people gathered at the rodeo venues to watch some bullfighting, listen to live music and eat a three-pointer on the first night.

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“This is the rodeo I remember and it ‘s exciting to be back,” says PBR Rider Cody Teel.

Teel from Texas says he could feel the excitement of a larger Clovis crowd this year.

“There is no real substitute for that,” he said. “Having fans in the crowd and that makes it what it is.”

Although there may be no restrictions, the rodeo could see rain. In 2014, wet weather made the arena so muddy that a Fresno County Sheriff’s helicopter needed to help dry the ground, using its blades to inflate the mud.

Now, a sewer recently added in front of the stands will help you avoid it.

“We’ve had some rain and it’s going off this winter and the ground is great, so that helps a lot,” said Rodeo Clovis Union president Ron Danbar. “Well rodeo rain or shine, but hopefully we’ll get some sprays here and there, knock down the dust. Wear your cowboy hat.”

If this is your first rodeo, organizers say it probably won’t be your last.

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Clovis Rodeo officials keeping close eye on forecast Source link Clovis Rodeo officials keeping close eye on forecast

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