Closing arguments made in trial of ex-LMPD officer charged with false report –

El Cajon (KUSI) – Closing arguments go on Wednesday in a trial of a former Ramesa police officer charged with lying in a police report in connection with a prominent arrest of a young black man near the Grossmont Transit Center. I was arrested.

Matthew Daigis has been accused of lying on the grounds for Amourie Johnson’s arrest on May 27, 2020.

Dismissed by the Lamesa police station months after his arrest, Dages faces three years’ imprisonment if convicted of a felony filing a false report.

Starting Thursday, Daigis wrote that Elkahon’s jury saw Johnson smoking, running out of trolley fees while in the “payment zone,” and seeing encounters become combative as they escalated into discussions. Start considering if you lied in his report.

Daigis claimed to have told Johnson that smoking was not permitted in the area and asked if Johnson lived in a nearby apartment complex. Johnson initially said he lived there, but later admitted that he was waiting for a friend to pick him up.

Prosecutors allege that the interaction escalated into a debate when Daigis did not leave Johnson from the scene after his friend arrived.

The incident video shows that after Johnson stood up, Daigis pushed Johnson into the seating position and pushed him down again. In his report, Daigis claims that Johnson clenched his fist and took a “bladed posture” against him, which prosecutors and Johnson disagree with.

Johnson was eventually arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer, resisting, delaying, obstructing, and being released on misdemeanor.

Police later announced that they would not seek prosecution against Johnson, who filed a federal proceeding against Daigis and Lamesa.

Johnson’s arrest occurred two days after George Floyd’s death in detention in Minneapolis, and a few days after his arrest, protests at Lamesa police headquarters led to looting and riots after darkness.

District Attorney Fiona Dunleavy, police are under the microscope because “what was happening in the world” happened in our country at the time, tampering his report with Daigis to justify the arrest. Insisted that he urged.

Prosecutors say Johnson had a cell phone and no lighters, cigarettes or other smoking equipment were found by him. Dunleavy claimed that he also knew that the area where Johnson stood was not a fare payment zone, and that Daisy had previously contacted people about fare violations and guided them near where he met Johnson. ..

Defendant lawyer Joshua Bisco claimed that the prosecution did not prove that Daigis intentionally lied to any part of the report.

Bisco said he reasonably believed that Daigis saw Johnson speaking something from a vantage point across the street, whether or not he was smoking.

Daigis testified on Wednesday that he could not find a smoking device in Johnson, but “seen a (smoking) device in his hand.”

Bisco also said there was confusion even among officers regarding the exact boundaries of the fare payment zone, and Daizis claimed he didn’t lie when he said he believed Johnson was in the zone without fare. ..

According to testimony, Daigis’ boss asked him to revise and edit the police report many times.

Dunleavy argued that due to the scrutiny faced by the department regarding viral video, police brass requested further amendments to justify the use of Dages’ power.

Visco argued that the revisions were further evidence that Dages’ report was valid. He was familiar with the surge in video and potential fallout on social media, but with regard to his use of the power of Daigis, or his assessment of being in Johnson’s smoking and fare payment zone. He claimed he didn’t see anything wrong.

“But after the decision burned them, is there a problem with the report now?” Bisco said.

Closing arguments made in trial of ex-LMPD officer charged with false report – Source link Closing arguments made in trial of ex-LMPD officer charged with false report –

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