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As Patrick Beverley said when he talked about repayments before the season began in December, the Clippers have an opportunity to regain their licks.

After closing the regular season on Sunday night with a cautious 117-112 defeat in Oklahoma City, the first title of the Clippers franchise and the quest for reimbursement after the collapse of the fierce second round of last season are Dallas Mavericks. It will start next weekend against Su.

Tyronn Lue’s team, who finished regular season 47-25 after the final day of the NBA’s chaotic play with conflicting motives, settled on the fourth seed in the Western Conference rankings and went to Minnesota on Sunday. Mavericks finished in 5th place after losing.

“We know our hands are full,” Lou said of the Mavericks. The Mavericks have a one-on-two Clippers this season (including the worst 51-point defeat in the franchise). “We know they are a good team. They have played great this year. It will be a good challenge for us.”

On the Clippers side, it was Sunday’s rest day, where their bench was who the prominent contributors were.

However, one of the notable participants appeared in court on Sunday and returned to the game. Center Serge Ibaka was effective for 19 minutes in the second game after missing 30 straights due to his nerves being pinched.

“It was really good,” Lou said. Serge said he felt good, especially after the first match, when he came back the next day and had no pain or pain. And tonight he said he felt good too. Regaining the wind was the biggest thing for him and it became a better form of the game.

“Overall, he’s not happy with his shots so far, but it will come, we know he can shoot basketball, so the physics of the game, of the game Speed ​​is the most important thing we need to see and I thought he did it well in these two games he played. ”

He finished with 12 points and 7 rebounds in the Clippers’ regular season closing loss, which lost 26 of the last 28 games.

However, behind 29 points from Alexei Poksevsky, 24 points from Moses Brown, 18 rebounds and 7 block shots, OKC finished the season and set the overall record to 22-50.

In short, Thunder is just missing out on the league’s third worst record share. They should have been rewarded by seeing which team won one of the coveted bottom three in a coin toss with Orlando. There is a 14% chance of winning a top pick in the NBA Draft.

For the Clippers, the priority was rest over rust, healthier than rhythm, and little consideration was given to moving up to third place in the Western Conference.

And as Kawhi Leonard sat down, fellow all-star Paul George also sat down. Veterans Marcus Morris Sr., Nicolas Batum and Rajon Rondo have joined. Center DeMarcus Cousins ​​was out with a pain in his left leg, and Amir Coffey was unable to play due to the coronavirus health and safety protocol.

Then, six seconds later, start center Ivica Zubac played half-time with Reggie Jackson, Beverly played in the third quarter at 9:30, and Terence Man played in the fourth quarter with seven minutes remaining. ..

In the fourth quarter, the Clippers reduced their lineup movement in the games before and after, with five ties and three lead changes.

Patrick Patterson played the best 42 minutes of his career and scored 10 points. Rookie Daniel Otur recorded the best 37 minutes of his career and finished in double-double. The career maximum was 13 points (career maximum 21 shots) and the rebound was 12.

The recent acquisition Yogi Ferrell finished with the game’s best 19 points in 27 minutes, Luke Kennard finished 1 to 7 from the 3 point range, finished with 13 points in 30 minutes, and rookie Jay Scrub A game that contributed 14 points in 36 minutes in the fourth career.

Clippers play reserves, drop regular-season finale vs. Thunder – Daily News Source link Clippers play reserves, drop regular-season finale vs. Thunder – Daily News

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