Clippers make it a series with Game 3 rout of Utah Jazz

Ring the Staples Center bowl on the video board, project a height of tens of feet into the corner of the highest range of the arena, Clippers‘Marketing campaigns couldn’t miss this postseason.

But the “playoff hour way” wasn’t as true as Saturday.

For better or for worse, the Clippers have paved the way for the playoffs for this postseason.

In each of the first two rounds, I lost the first two games and then the opening minutes of the third meeting. But in the face of another quasi-elimination game 3, no team in NBA history has won the series 3-0. They never lose control of the season.

Once again, the Clippers will not be the second in a few weeks after reuniting to win important Game 3. 132-106 wins We reduced the deficit of this second round series to 2: 1 and crossed Utah, which will enter the fourth game on Monday.

Paul George left the court after his first 30-point match since April 23, 31 points, waving to his fans and last few minutes on the bench next to co-star Kawhi Leonard. Enjoyed. The Clippers stars defeat everything Utah threw at them.

The highlight of Saturday night when the Clippers defeated Utah Jazz 132-106 in Game 3 of the second round of the playoff series.

Donovan Mitchell scored 30 points in jazz, but was unable to take over the game at the start and end, helping the Clippers win the shootout. He was apparently injured in his leg and dragged off the court later in the match.

The Clippers created 19 out of 36 three-pointers for a 19-44 shot in Utah. Utah was unable to overcome 16 turnovers and Los Angeles scored 24 points.

Reggie Jackson added 17 points to the Clippers and scored 5 out of 6 3 points.

When the Clippers timed out after just 74 seconds and Joe Ingles allowed two open three pointers to win an 8-0 Utah lead, the Clippers were adjacent to a self-stealing from the script in the first round. did.

But so did after that.

In contrast to Dallas, the Clippers not only looked unabashedly in the enviable holes they dug, but also channeled Tyronn Lue’s comment that “confidence never shakes, never shakes.” So played loosely.

Clippers’ Nicolas Batum (right) steals a rebound from Utah Jazz’s Derrick Favors (center), and Clippers’ Marcus Morris (left) grabs the Favors jersey.

(Gina Ferrazzi / )

Mitchell’s fast and effective traps, far from the Three-Point Ark, helped keep Phenom scoreless in the first quarter for the first time in the post-season quarter since 2019. Struggling to find the driving lane for the switch, Utah committed two shot clock violations Opening minutes.

The Clippers’ focus on the game plan was taken over by the attack. As soon as three-time defensive player Rudy Gobert went to the bench this year, George dribbled deep into the paint against Gobert’s successor, Derrick Favors. That led to a mistake, but I set up a template for the Clippers attack plan. Leonard targeted the Fabers with his next possession and got a top and bottom layup that contributed to 20 paint points before halftime — doubling the output of the Clippers’ first half from Game 2.

But these tweaks wouldn’t make any sense without the most important of Game 3. The aggression of the star who lost in the first two games of this series.

Leonard charged the trap from behind in the middle of the second quarter, tore Mitchell’s spin move dribble, turned steal into a transition dunk, leading 7 points and blocking Mitchell’s wild shot attempt just seconds later. Leonard shot only four out of twelve in the first half, but rarely allowed Utah’s defenders to take a breath. Even in the middle of the third quarter, he was blown away by Royce O’Neill and evaded Gobert for a right-handed dunk and a continuous layup of property to push the Clippers lead to 14. He won 12 in the third quarter.

Such obedience had reached its limits as much as Lou praised George’s reading of Utah’s defenses and how he found an open teammate early in the series. After making 18 shots in all 17 of Game 1 and Game 2, George tried 16 and made 8 before Saturday’s halftime.

When Utah reduced the 17-point deficit to just eight in four minutes to play in the third quarter, George noticed that the drive to the rim was stuffy and moved to the front corner of the Clippers bench. Sinked 3 soothing nerves.

Mitchell stepped into the locker room in six minutes, but soon returned to the bench and folded his arms around Quin Snyder. Their chat was still going on when Leonard and Batum made a three-pointer and extended the lead to 21 within 38 seconds. It’s a hole that even Mitchell couldn’t overcome.

Clippers make it a series with Game 3 rout of Utah Jazz Source link Clippers make it a series with Game 3 rout of Utah Jazz

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