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Why is Luka Doncic the least dangerous when no one is allowed to protect Luka Doncic?

Why does Marcus Morris Sr. feel that the Dallas shooting corner is more comfortable than the Staples Center shooting corner?

Why did the Clippers find hope when Doncic turned the Clippers into NJB outfits in the first few minutes?

Why ask why? NBA playoffs.

Not only was the Clippers pressed against the wall, but the plaster was cracking behind it. They took a 30-11 lead on the noisy home court in Dallas. They were treated as a 44-point game by Doncic. However, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George played well for their salary, winning 118-108 and shortening Mavericks’ series lead to 2-1.

“We were just recovering,” said coach Tyronn Lue. “We made a mistake in the game plan early on, but with repeated scraps and crawls, the PG and Kawai were great. We stayed on the track.”

George was struck by a foul on his way to a spectacular playoff performance, but eventually scored 29 points, leading LA in the second quarter momentum. Leonard attacked Dallas’ vulnerable middleman, scoring 36 points with 13 out of 17 shots.

“Their two superstars had a great match,” said Rick Carlisle, coach of Dallas.

“They don’t have rim protectors,” said George. “So tonight I wanted to put more balls inside and put pressure on the basket. We’re wearing hats on the defensive side. The first two games didn’t show that. ”The Clippers also said that Rajon Rondo and Terance Mann should be their main point guards at a meaningful time. I found it, even if I didn’t know it yet.

Morris then scored three three points from the left corner and kept Dallas at arm length. He was 11 to 2 from deep space in Game 1-2.

He spoke to the Lakers brother Markieff in half-time and said he was told to “fly.”

“He thinks I’m the best shooter in the world,” Marcus said.

The Clippers scored eight assists, plus 22 in Rondo’s 26 minutes, and fought Doncic more effectively than anyone else.

“We didn’t leave each other on the island like we used to,” Rondo said. “Kawaii did a good job of accepting a double team without forcing a shot. We got smaller and fell apart.”

The real story of Dallas was the inevitable return of Tim Hardaway Jr. to Earth. He scored 12 points with 4 at bats and 7 feet 3 Kristaps Porzingis couldn’t take advantage of the mismatch and missed 7 out of 10 shots.

Doncic did everything he could except for free throws, which cannot be explained without paranormal consultation. He missed 6 of the 13 free throws and 13 of the 27 in the series.

The night began when Doncic tried to strip the last remaining chain of the Clippers’ soul.

He broke the 8-0 lead alone as the Clippers watched his attack from a three-point line extending from the city to the exurbs, paralyzing the center’s Ibika Zubuck.

The Mavericks led 30-11, but Carlyle gave Doncic a break. The Clippers responded as if the teacher had left the room. By the time Doncic returned, the Clippers had ooze out within 32-27, thanks to Leonard and George repeatedly driving the bucket.

In a seven-possession stretch, George scored or assisted in six baskets, and his feed to Leonard gave the Clippers a 53-52 unlikely lead. They led two in half-time and shot 60.9% in half-time after the two brand names went 12 to 10 in the second period.

The Clippers almost had to do that because Mavericks seemed to be given twice to immunize themselves from LA’s defenses. Dallas shot 54.4% in two wins at Staples Center, scoring 35 out of 70 in the 3-point range. Lou thought the Clippers’ main problem was in defense, but they were too out of balance when they got the ball. George and Leonard were 43 out of 82 field goals in the first two games. Recorded times.

In the fourth quarter of Game 2, the Clippers had eight solo possessions on the front court without a pass. Beyond that, they put the ball in the paint and then went out again only twice. I put it out. Coaches honorably talk about “paint touch,” but their main pattern was that the two stars acted independently and barely saw constructive ball movements. This changed dramatically in Game 3 at least after Doncic’s one-man demolition project cooled down.

Clippers find change of venue to their liking against Mavericks – Daily News Source link Clippers find change of venue to their liking against Mavericks – Daily News

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