Clayton’s dramatic two-night ‘Bachelor’ finale begins tonight on ABC

NEW YORK – This is it! The finale of “The Bachelor” is tonight. It is a two night event that promises to be full of drama.

We stopped with the explosive Fantasy Date dinner in between Susie and Clayton. They never got to the Fantasy Suite section of the date.

Clayton expressed his love for Susie, but she was not ready to reciprocate the affection. She asked him if he had said the same words to any of the other women.

Clayton honestly revealed that yes, he had told Rachel and Gabby that he loved them too.

Susie went on to ask if “The Bachelor” had slept with any of the other women and he again replied that yes, he had slept with both.

“You said to explore relationships …” Clayton said. “To answer your question, yes, I slept with someone else here.”

Susie told Clayton that she could not see herself overcoming this situation because she envisioned her future fiancé not sleeping with another woman just before proposing to her.

He tried to save the situation by initially saying: “I am the most in love with you”.

But as the controversy continued, Clayton told Susie that he “ruined everything.” Susie apologized and seemed to want to discuss things a little more, but Clayton called the situation “BS” and said, “I’m done, we’re done.”

With that, Suzy drove away in a limousine.

Tonight, you will see the preview that aired all season: Clayton will reveal to Susie and Gabby that he has told all three women that he loved them and that he slept with them both.

It is certain that disaster will follow as the preview shows both women crying and trying to understand where their relationship is.

The two-day final “The Bachelor” starts tonight at 20.00 and continues on Tuesday from 20.00 – 22.00 ET on ABC.

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Clayton’s dramatic two-night ‘Bachelor’ finale begins tonight on ABC Source link Clayton’s dramatic two-night ‘Bachelor’ finale begins tonight on ABC

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