Clayton Echard Says The Bachelor Finale Didn’t Go as Planned

The beginning of most interviews is usually frivolous, which is why I’m a little confused when I start chatting BachelorClayton Echard. I ask with a joke if he got one of the ABC press posts that had a huge amount bachelor body pillow, and his response is quite revealing. “I have one, but not with me,” he says. “I need a shoulder I’m leaning on right now, so I hope I have one.”

Hmm.In the name of honesty, it can mean a a lot matters. this is Bachelor however. Clayton has just been in a hot spot Women tell everything taping and encounters nearly 20 women you’ve been dating – or just Shanae – could send anyone to escape shelter. Or to the nearest body pillow.

For this reason, I won’t think anything about his comment until later in the interview when he reveals this wonderful piece of information: “I don’t think anyone expected my trip to end as it ended, and neither do I. I want it to be that way. Everyone is kind of surprised. that it could have gone in another direction, but it went in the direction it went. ”

What?! Not to be dramatic, but it certainly sounds like whatever happens at Iceland’s last rose ceremony next week isn’t “final” at all. We already knew that the other three women didn’t react well after learning that Clayton was in love with each of them and was close with the two, but this sounds even more serious. Looks like Clayton isn’t the only one who needs a bachelor body cushion – spectators must also grasp it for comfort.

But first the fantasy dates are okay and then the two-night finals next week. So what’s going on? And what does Clayton hope to return and change? Here he opens up to all of this and more.

Glamor: So when did you move to Scottsdale Arizona and why?

Clayton Echard: I moved on December 27th. I took a road trip from Missouri. Nineteen hours throughout the trip, and now I live with my brother who lives there. It’s been fun. It has made the constant journey back to LA much more enjoyable. It’s only a 55-minute flight compared to an eight-hour trip when I was going to and from Missouri. It felt like the best I could do in the short term.

Since you now live with your brother, did you know that one of your brothers is DM’d Teddi on Twitter?

[Surprised.] Did he say which one?

Teddi said he would let us figure it out. He never answered him, though he said it was innocent, but a little strange.

My brother told me he was going to hand him over. I didn’t know he really did that, but he was definitely interested. I’m sure many other people are too, so he has to get in line. I can’t believe he survived it. My brothers are loose cannons.

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