Clayton Echard Makes Stunning Sex Confession, Loses Finalist on The Bachelor

It is the most obvious opening in the history of reality television.

And yet it must be said:

On Tuesday night, The Bachelor’s Fantasy Suite episode turned into an absolute nightmare for Clayton Echard.

He may never recover as a result.

“This is the most important week for me,” Clayton said in front of the camera in front of him, Susie, Gabby and Rachel this week. adding the remaining triangle that were out with Echard in Iceland.

“I think I might be in love with all three of these women, and I might already be in love with Susie.

“I don’t know if you can fall in love several times at the same time? I don’t know.

“But I know it’s time to knock down My Wall, stop being guarded.”

Clayton's picture

Cut Rachel’s fantasy series datingwhen he and Clayton took off in a helicopter after Clayton jumped on their “physical connection” to the camera.

“I don’t feel like I was able to be 100 percent transparent when I was with your family,” he told him that night.

“I have somehow adapted to my feelings and I wish I had told you before.

“I held on to it, so I just come out and say it like, I’m in love with you. I am and I’ve been.”

The duo then broke up and Clayton invited her to Fantasy Suite, which made Rachel say they should “definitely” spend the night together.

“I feel like I’ve been searching my whole life to feel this way,” Rachel told the cameras.

The next morning Clayton called the time with Rachel “almost perfect” and added:

“Everything went exactly as I hoped it would go. We talked so much. We had a strong connection. It felt like a dream.”

They both left L-Word before saying goodbye too.

Next, Clayton took Gabby to investigate beach in a dune carriage.

“Because of days like these, I can see myself with Clayton for the rest of my life,” the intensive care unit nurse said in a confession.

At dinner, Clayton praised Gabby’s ability to help her open up.

“You really let me get there because I was so scared and that’s why I realized I’m like falling in love with you,” he said.

“I am. I really am. And it wasn’t just the one I came to today, I have had these feelings, I just didn’t let myself admit it because I was so scared with my previous relationship.”

See another kiss and another trip to the fantasy suite, this time an igloo and hot tub.

“Last night was really so special. It didn’t feel like the first time with someone new, it felt like the comfort of home,” Gabby said in a camera interview the next morning.

As Clayton headed to his car, after bringing his lover breakfast to bed, he shouted back to Gabby:

“I’m in love and it feels so good.”

three women

Before meeting Susie, Clayton received a revelation:

“I told two women I was in love with them. I also know I could feel that way with Susie, so now I’m going to crush someone completely 1000 percent. I just don’t want to hurt anyone.”

Susie said with confession that she was “all in” with Clayton, but also “in the dark” about what was happening between her, Gabby and Rachel.

“The more we’ve spent time together and spent time with your family, I realize how serious things were getting,” Clayton said on the third date during dinner.

“And the more I think about it [I] i realized i had fallen in love with you that night too. You’ve made me feel something I haven’t felt in a long time, and this was so exciting. ”

The former footballer took Susie back when he left:

“I’m in love with you and I wanted to tell you. I was scared to think that the longer I wait, the better he doesn’t know how I feel. I want him to know.”

Susie then admitted she needed to know what was going on between Clayton and her other finalists.

“Yes, I’ve slept with someone else here, and yes, I’ve expressed my feelings about falling in love with someone else,” Echard admitted.

“If you feel like you’re in love with me, I don’t think it makes sense to sleep with someone else,” Susie replied, sounding far too sensible to some The Bachelor writer.

“I have such strong feelings for you, very strong feelings,” Clayton tried to dispute his own defense. “And I can tell you that right now I’m in love with you the most. And I really felt like this could be it.”

But Susie didn’t think she could go on with Clayton.

“This is a very big deal for me, and I don’t think I’ll get past those things,” he said. “I just don’t think I can.”

Clayton was shocked.

She said she hoped Susie would tell her her feelings on the subject earlier.

“I feel like I did what I did, but if I had known how important it was to you that it was an absolute breach of contract, I would have changed the way I approach things because I know what we have,” he said.

“I mean, I’m sorry I went and did that.

“I’m apologizing because I don’t want to throw away anything we have.”

Susie got up, walked out – and then repeated her position as they reunited and told the bachelor:

“I probably should have talked about what sex means to me in the past, but I didn’t know you felt so strongly. I don’t feel like I could leave here with you.”

Realizing Susie’s decision, Clayton walked into the car of her lost love.

“I don’t even know who I’m looking at anymore,” he told Susie.

After a heartbreaking and bitter farewell, Clayton said he had lost faith in the process:

“My heart is no longer in it.”

Clayton Echard Makes Stunning Sex Confession, Loses Finalist on The Bachelor Source link Clayton Echard Makes Stunning Sex Confession, Loses Finalist on The Bachelor

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