CityServe helps Kern County families celebrate Easter

BAKERSFIELD, California – Easter is just around the corner, but some people in Kern County don’t think about egg hunting or candy. They are thinking about how to feed the family on Sunday.

But courtesy of Kern, 23ABC’s Kallyn Hobmann is looking at how an organization can help change that.

Cherese Grell of CityServe said families in Kern County are provided with lunch boxes during the holiday season. Traditional Easter dinners are packed with non-perishable products, such as beans, canned corn and ham, as well as cereals and peanut butter.

Grell said this time of year reminds him how lucky he is, and how important it is to do this kind of work for less fortunate local families, especially with the current pandemic and rising prices.

“We’re overly blessed and can take it easy sometimes, and then you get together with some families, [people] who lost their parents at a young age and are growing siblings. You know, it’s moving and it’s very gratifying to be able to come back in a small way, ”he said.

Most of the donations have come from the public. Grell said it has been exciting to receive support from community members who are unfamiliar with the families they are feeding.

“This community is amazing. It’s a community that is given and it’s gratifying to see that someone is able to listen to someone else’s need, to go to the grocery store, to be deliberate about buying these things, to say to give up driving: ‘Hey, I want to help someone else.’ [is] It’s wonderful and it’s a blessing to see it, ”Grell said.

You can leave Easter meal box donations on CityServe until Thursday, but you can also join them throughout the year in their visit. website.

If your family needs a meal, Grell told you to contact your local church. They can connect you.

Do you know anyone who needs to appear in Kern’s Kindness? Email kernskindness@kero.com.

CityServe helps Kern County families celebrate Easter Source link CityServe helps Kern County families celebrate Easter

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