City to spend $9.5M on potential Sac Zoo site in EG | News

On Feb. 23, Elk Grove City Council unanimously approved a $ 9.5 million purchase agreement for 100 acres of land for the possible relocation and expansion of the Sacramento Zoo in Elk Grove.

This property, which is located on the northwest corner of Kammerer Road and Lotz Parkway, is currently owned by Jacobi Elk Grove Ranch, LLC.

Efforts to move the 14-acre sealess zoo from its current site in Sacramento’s William Land Park to a larger site began three years ago.

Those efforts coincide with the zoo’s mission to have animals it can keep, as well as housing additional animals that guests are most interested in seeing. An expanded zoo would also provide larger living spaces for the animals.

In preparing for the purchase of city land for the proposed relocation of the zoo to Elk Grove, the council also approved an amendment to the city’s annual budget for fiscal year 2021-22. The budget will be increased through the $ 9.5 million Economic Development Incentive Fund.

Five million dollars of those funds were raised through the recent sale of 44 acres southeast of Grant Line Road to tractor company Kubota North America.

Nine million dollars of funding for the potential zoo project will be spent on three plots on that site: the nearly 101-acre main part, as well as a 0.8-acre plot on 8663 Kammerer Road and a 0.1-acre plot on 8665 Kammerer Road. These three continuous plots add up to 100.9 hectares.

The remaining $ 500,000 will be used for the costs associated with the evaluation of the plots to be purchased and future development opportunities and closing costs.

Ann Grava, a contract property manager with Elk Grove City, told City Hall that while this land will be purchased for a new zoo, the property is also suitable for non-zoo commercial uses in case a new zoo is built. not built there.

Five months ago, the city of Elk Grove and the Sacramento Zoo announced their plan to consider relocating the Sacramento Zoo to Elk Grove.

Through an exclusive bargaining agreement, the city and the zoo have been working on a six-month study on the feasibility of relocating the zoo to Kammerer Road and Lotz Parkway. That study is about to end.

Initially, the study focused on a 60-acre portion of that property. However, the city later determined that the zoo’s design would likely require additional area.

The city council discussed the possibility of acquiring the property with its owner last August, when the city learned that Kamilos Companies had an option on the expired property. But the security deposit had been opened and those parties were in the process of closing that transaction.

At that time, the city began negotiations with Kamilos to sign an option agreement to buy that property as a prime location for the zoo’s relocation. That process was approved by the city council last September.

Through subsequent negotiations with Kamilos, Jacobi, and city staff, an agreement was reached for the property to be sold directly to the city, as opposed to Kamilos buying the property and then selling it to the city.

The city will have to deposit $ 100,000, which will be credited to the purchase price at the close of the security deposit on April 8th. The deposit will not be refundable on March 12.

City to spend $9.5M on potential Sac Zoo site in EG | News Source link City to spend $9.5M on potential Sac Zoo site in EG | News

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