City to Enter Stage 2 Drought Restrictions

The city of San Marcos announced that it will enter drought restrictions in stage 2 due to falling aquifer levels, effective Sunday afternoon.

Stage 2 is implemented when the average Edwards Aquifer 10-day index falls below 650 feet above sea level (msl). On Wednesday, April 13, the average level of the 10-day aquifer was 649.3 feet and the daily level was 648.3 feet.

On Wednesday, the average level of the 10-day aquifer was at 649.3 feet and the daily indicator was 648.3 feet.

“Aquifer levels are falling very fast,” said Utility Director Tyler Hjorth. “We just entered Stage 1 a few weeks ago and at this rate we could easily reach the Stage 3 limitations before the end of the month, so we have to do what we can to maintain our valuable water resources.”

The drought rules of stage 2 set limits on the use of impregnation pipes, drip irrigation and the use of decorative water elements.

The use of sprinklers is limited to one day a week on a designated working day specified by management. Irrigation with hose sprinklers is allowed on the specified working day before 10 a.m. or after 8 p.m.

The use of impregnation pipes or drip irrigation is allowed any day, but must be done before 10 a.m. or after 8 p.m. Hand watering is still allowed any day and at any time.

Filling decorative water elements such as fountains is prohibited in Stage 2. Washing cars at home, washing impermeable surfaces and watering the foundation is limited to one day a week.

Before San Marcos announced its entry into Stage 2, the Edwards Aquifer Authority announced cuts in Stage 2 Critical Period Management licenses earlier this week after confirming that the 10-day average on the J-17 fell well below 650 to 649 , 9 feet above the middle sea level.

Under the Stage 2 reductions, the EAA San Antonio Swimming Pool Critical Management Plan requires Edwards Groundwater License holders in Atascosa, Bexar, Caldwell, Comal, Guadalupe, Hays, and Medina to reduce their annual approved abstraction. by 30%. The EAA said the Stage 2 reductions apply to all Edwards Aquifer groundwater license holders authorized to pump more than three acres per year, including industrial and agricultural uses, and water companies authorized to pump water from the Edwards aquifer. delivery to its customers. In addition, licensees affected by Stage 2 reductions must report their pumping totals to the EAA on a monthly basis, the EAA said.

The full text of Stage 2 Rules can be found on the City of San Marcos website at www.sanmarcostx.gov/dought. For more information, contact Jan De La Cruz, Conservation Coordinator at 512-393-8310.

City to Enter Stage 2 Drought Restrictions Source link City to Enter Stage 2 Drought Restrictions

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