City Subpoenas Ash St. Documents

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The legal drama about the city’s controversial acquisition of 101 Ash St. has been raised more than a year after the city rushed to expel workers after a series of asbestos breaches.

Lisa Halberstadt reported late last month that a lawyer representing the city was representing the city. Issuing subpoenas requesting records from major players Controversial lease deals include the former owner of the building, an intermediary with a city contract, and a volunteer city real estate advisor who is the designer of the contract structure.

The demands continue to surround what is considered one of the worst real estate blunders in urban history: the lack of clarity about who made money from transactions and how much money they made. I emphasize the question.

The nine subpoenas obtained by the Voice of San Diego represent the latest move in a lawsuit filed by the city in October calling on the San Diego Superior Court to congratulate the decision. Stop paying rent In the case of the building, it was occupied for only a short time.

The subpoena was directed to Sandy Shapery, the owner of the building, Cisterra, the buyer of the intermediary who evaluated the building in 2016, and Doug Manchester, the former city real estate adviser. It was.

The subpoena reveals how the closing process took place, acting as a template for the 101 Ash St. deal, revealing that the city is focusing on rental contracts in similar cities to which Hughes has moved. I’m trying to. We will advise the city for free.

Halberstadt previously Dig into Hughes’ work 101 Ash St.And teamed up with Jesse Marx in a previous Civic Center Plaza deal Tell a story Behind the Civic Center Plaza deal.

Senate confirms Cindy Marten

Cindy Marten, who has been the director of the San Diego Unified School since 2013, was confirmed by the US Senate to serve as Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Education on Tuesday.

Marten’s career path was like one of the few in public education. From the principal of an elementary school to the director of a big city, she is now the second largest in the education sector across the country.

Marten’s rise Shift of power in educational politics, As Wilhuntsbury wrote earlier. Whereas foreign reformers once urged them to lead national schools, Democrats now tend to prefer former teachers to be the country’s top managers.

“Marten embodies new guiding principles in national education politics. The path to a better public school system is not in criticizing its shortcomings, but in its relentless commitment to its promises,” Huntsbury said. writing.

A group of parents and activists opposed Marten’s nomination – Hidden sexual misconduct And that Different suspensions for black students.. They tried to encourage several senators to vote “no” to Marten’s confirmation, but in the end Marten went through the confirmation process relatively easily.Several Republican senators supported her

Confirmed with 54-44 votes, Marten was less supportive than the newly appointed Secretary of State Miguel Cardona, who received 64 votes during confirmation in the US Senate.

San Diego Unified is currently involved in the search process to find new supervisors by the end of 2021. Community Advisory Board with over 40 members Appointed to advise the school board.. The district plans to hold a public forum with each finalist later this year.

Newsom promotes San Diego homeless package

On Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom joined Mayor Todd Gloria and Director Nathan Fletcher at the hotel in Kearny Mesa. Announced $ 12 Billion Package To fight the state homeless crisis.

Newsom advertised the San Diego hotel project, which has permanently housed more than 170 former homeless people, as an example of a successful reenactment. State-wide suggestions This includes $ 7 billion for additional hotel acquisitions, $ 1.75 billion to support affordable housing projects, and $ 3.5 billion to end family homelessness within five years. included.

Tuesday’s announcement was part of a broader one $ 100 Billion California Comeback Plan Newsome will roll out this week ahead of Friday’s deadline and announce a revised budget for the next fiscal year.

“In short, this is an urgently backed up package,” Newsom explained of the homeless plan. “This is a package backed by proven results based on last year’s experience, and after all, without being driven by a notable local elected official on the ground every day. It can’t happen because the state’s vision of ending the homeless in this state can only be realized locally. “

Gloria and Fletcher praised Newsom’s commitment and promised to act as soon as new money flowed into San Diego. Gloria said he was eager to pursue additional hotel acquisitions to accommodate the homeless San Diegan, among other solutions, and Fletcher said Tuesday to step up the funding impact. Promised to combine county resources with new state money to materialize.

“This gives us a moment when we can actually see great progress in our state. I fully support the Governor’s efforts. We only spend the money available as a county. Instead, I swear to join as a partner, but by putting ourselves in, “Fletcher said.

Next is Newsom’s San Diego enemy …

John Cox too Appeared with a bear in San Diego on Tuesday..

Former Mayor Kevin Folconer criticized Newsom’s announcement, and in a press release he said, “The only leader in California with a proven track record of reducing homelessness. Check out Lisa Halberstadt’s Detailed analysis of Fallconner’s record of the homeless, This counters many of the claims he made on the campaign trail.

In other news

The Morning Report was written by Lisa Halberstadt, Wilhuntsbury and Jesse Marx and edited by Sarah Libby.

City Subpoenas Ash St. Documents Source link City Subpoenas Ash St. Documents

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