City launches residential, organic waste program | News

The city of Elk Grove launched its residential organic recycling program on July 1st.

This program began through Senate Bill (SB) 1383, which requires Californians to separate their food waste, soiled food waste, and green waste into organic waste carts.

Nathan Arechiga, the city’s residential recycling coordinator, spoke about some of the items that can be placed in the organic waste cart.

“Going forward, we can put all food waste there, such as fruits, vegetables, pasta, grains, meat, bones and eggshells, as well as dirty food products like paper napkins, paper plates, coffee filters, tea bags, etc. etc. ”he said.

Clean paper can still be placed in recycling bins, but polystyrene or plastic items should not be placed in the organic product bin.

Elk Grove’s garbage and recycling service provider, Republic Services, will collect the new organic carts weekly to prevent odors and limit pest attraction.

Arechiga mentioned that the new program requires a moderate effort from city residents.

“It’s just moving a stream of waste from one cart to another,” he said. “Your trash currently smells like it is. We’re throwing it in the next bin, right next door.”

Those looking to reduce the smell of organic waste containers can use biodegradable bags certified by the Institute for Biodegradable Products inside their organic waste carts. These bags are available through major retailers and online. Newspapers can also be used to reduce odors in organic product containers.

A useful way to collect food waste is to keep a bucket inside homes, Arechiga said.

He stressed the importance of this organic waste collection program.

“It definitely helps (a) steer climate change and reduce methane gases from landfills,” Arechiga said. “Methane is a climate pollutant. It’s 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Organic waste, food scraps and garden clippings make up about 50 percent of what Californians throw in landfills. Dumping this waste will significantly reduce air quality and local emissions “.

He added that the city aims to reduce organic waste disposal by 75% by 2025.

Through Republic Services, the city plans to provide new colored cars to its residents. The colors of the bin will be black for garbage, green for organic and blue for recycling.

Residents must continue to use their current cars until they are replaced.

Arechiga mentioned that the city is excited about this new residential organic waste program.

“We’re more than happy for this (program) to come to Elk Grove,” he said. “He’s been working on different bills for over four years. Before we had Bill 1826 (Assembly) and now we have SB 1383, and we all try to reduce food waste to reduce climate change.”

City residents are currently on two different pick-up times.

Those interested in finding out what hours belong to their neighborhoods, call (916) 635-2500. Information is also available through www.ElkGroveCity.org/Recycle.

City launches residential, organic waste program | News Source link City launches residential, organic waste program | News

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