City Council approves 387-unit affordable housing project | News

On May 11, Elk Grove City Council unanimously approved a project to build a 387-acre affordable apartment project on 16 acres on the east side of Bruceville Road, just south of Poppy Ridge Road.

This place of this project is identified in the plan of housing elements of the city as one of the properties selected for residential development of low and very low incomes.

Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen said the project helps fill a housing need in Elk Grove.

“This brings tremendous value to our community and we need more housing inventory, and this is a developer that has an excellent track record,” he said. “So I see this as a great collaboration.”

According to a municipal staff report, the city’s General Fund will not be used to pay for the infrastructure costs associated with this project. Financial support will be provided and funded privately by the project promoter.

Michael Johnson, one of the project representatives, told City Hall that the project will have a total investment of about $ 192 million.

“We have some major financial institutions that are supporting our effort,” he said.

The owner of the property is The Nha Pham and Suong Nguyen Revocable Living Trust of Granite Bay, and the applicant for the project is Poppy Grove Development Partners of Oakland.

Known as Poppy Grove Apartments, this project will feature 14 buildings, including two-, three-, and four-story buildings. The six four-story buildings will include elevators.

There will also be 74 one-bedroom units, 151 two-bedroom units and 162 three-bedroom units.

The buildings will have a contemporary artisan design with building materials such as brick sheet metal, concrete partitions, stucco and vinyl windows. The colors of the buildings will be white, gray, blue-gray, brown and brown.

The project will include indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, with facilities such as swimming pool, spa, playgrounds, petanque courts, picnic areas and other meeting spaces.

The ownership of this project will be subdivided into separate plots: three plots for the apartment project and 2.7 hectares to be devoted to a right of way.

Accompanying the construction of this project will be an extension of Bruceville Road to four lanes, with a right of way for the street which will later be increased to six lanes.

The apartments will be accessible through four vehicle entrances: two on Bruceville Road, one on Poppy Ridge Road and one on Chester Dawson Way.

The car park will include 545 spaces for cars and 132 spaces for bicycles.

There will also be a 7-foot multipurpose road / sidewalk, separate and combined on site, and two Class II bike lanes: one on Bruceville Road and one on Poppy Ridge Road.

Through an approved municipal permit, 36 trees will be removed, due to their location in the center of the site or their location associated with the possible expansion of Bruceville Road.

City Council approves 387-unit affordable housing project | News Source link City Council approves 387-unit affordable housing project | News

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