City Attorney’s Office Still Waiting to Hear from Ex-COO

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Mara Elliott’s attorney’s office says former chief of operations Christ Michell has not yet formally responded to his May 11 letter accusing former city bureaucrats directed the city’s Department of Information Technology to clean up the files tied at 101 Ash St. and Civic Center Plaza before his abrupt resignation.

Elliott’s office said late Monday that Michell had not been contacted despite the city’s request for non-elected officials in the city to contact the City Attorney’s Office before Monday to “begin the process of identifying and retrieving all city records.”

It is unclear what steps the City Attorney’s Office will take next, but the city’s opposing attorney lawsuits related to the 101 Ash contract with its Civic Center they crave cookies.

Attorney Michael Riney, representing Cisterra Development City Ownership, has formally demanded a deposition with “more knowledgeable people” on allegations and city actions surrounding Michell’s alleged order to delete phone and computer records. Riney also requested related records.

And attorney Michael Attanasio, representing the former Cisterra City real estate advisor. paid millions for work from city renttold San Diego in San Diego he planned to ask Michell to sit down for a deposition.

Michell did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday.

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City Attorney’s Office Still Waiting to Hear from Ex-COO Source link City Attorney’s Office Still Waiting to Hear from Ex-COO

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