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Eight local governments in four counties split $ 2.5 million, parking, curbside commerce, trucking, seniors, hoping to reduce chronic traffic congestion and associated air pollution in the region. And develop new approaches to address the issue of mobility for people with disabilities.

The project will be funded by the Southern California Government Association, which approved spending on Thursday, July 1, as part of a sustainable community program. A separate budget and schedule for each project is still under development.

“Innovative efforts like (these) have greatly helped improve the quality of life of communities throughout Southern California, while recognizing the growing importance of commodity movement and e-commerce in the local economy.” And the president of the association and a member of the Eastvale City Council. “We are proud to support the groundbreaking work being done at the local level and look forward to the positive and lasting impact of these projects.”

Three of the projects are in Orange County, three in Los Angeles County, and one in Riverside County and San Bernardino County, respectively.

Garden Gloves: The city will focus on seven nearby street parking areas identified as environmental justice areas, based on findings that parking is often disproportionately scarce in low-income communities. This survey includes a list of curb parking lots, how to use existing spots, policy reviews, and best practice reviews.

Stanton: The city has also embarked on a plan to improve the availability of parking lots, but to develop a city-wide curb management plan that includes a “strategy aimed at improving safety and quality of life”, housing, Includes commercial and industrial areas.

Laguna Woods: The Mobility Technology Plan, developed in cities with a median age of 75.6, includes self-driving cars and strategies to meet the transportation needs of the elderly and disabled. The plan aims to provide resources to other jurisdictions that are equally interested in addressing the liquidity of these populations.

Los Angeles Transport Authority: The agency creates a curb inventory with the goal of managing the curb parking lot “digitally and dynamically.” The goal is to “optimize the commercial loading activities of people and goods.”

Long sandy beach: The city’s curbside parking project will focus on areas that are imbalanced by pollution and climate change and develop data and real-time surveillance to better address shortcomings.

San Gabriel Government Council: The council studies the local electric bike sharing program and makes suggestions for improvement.

Rialto: The city, with its Amazon warehouses, develops regulatory change goals, policies, and implementation plans focused on truck routes, warehouse hubs, and associated residential traffic.

Desert Hot Springs: The city develops parking plans for commercial and light industry hubs to address inconsistent parking strategies and other parking shortcomings.

As more funding becomes available, the association has designated parking projects in the cities of Culver City, San Clemente and Torrance.

Cities get money to study local traffic, parking issues – Press Enterprise Source link Cities get money to study local traffic, parking issues – Press Enterprise

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