Chula Vista charts plan to alleviate trash woes; Gloria says ‘enough is enough’

Chula Vista, CA – Garbage is piled up and local leaders at Republic Services are calling to do something.

Chula Vista City Council was scheduled to meet on Friday to ratify Local health emergencies declared this week, However The meeting was delayed due to a technical problem Until 6 pm on Saturday. Under the state of emergency, urban workers are being diverted to collect overflowing debris from apartment buildings as well as commercial and industrial land.

The city is also stepping up its communication efforts and plans to launch a call center and a new email address by January 18 to report that residents are flooded with garbage.

“This is a problem for my neighbor (and) everyone who talks to me wherever I go,” councilor John McCann said Friday.

Community dissatisfaction has been going on for nearly a month since about 250 Republic Services workers, represented by Teamsters Local 542. I quit my job.. In general, they want higher wages, better benefits, and improved working conditions.

The outcome of the round of failed negotiations is felt in the neighborhood of San Diego and South Bay. Dealing with the rodent epidemic After a few weeks, there will be no garbage or recycling pickups by the Republic.

According to McCann, the two areas that have been hit hardest are apartments and commercial facilities. He said declaring an emergency in the area would be an important step in reducing some of the garbage piles.

“We will set up a place in the city where people can bring in trash and employees can help manage the trash,” he said. “That would be a much more efficient way, as Republic Services would be able to get it.”

The city is currently unable to hire another company for waste disposal due to a contract with the Republic for the remaining two years. Officials say they are currently exploring all legal options.

“We are looking at a lot of things so that we can document what is happening,” McCann said. “Obviously, we can’t stop it from working for the next two years.”

Also, it is Todd Gloria, the mayor of San Diego, who is exploring his legal options. He announced on Friday that his office would give the Republic an agreement with 250 strike workers until Monday, threatening fines, and even ending the city’s own agreement with the company.

“We have been very patient,” Gloria said. Tweet on friday.. “Make it sloppy.”

Chula Vista charts plan to alleviate trash woes; Gloria says ‘enough is enough’ Source link Chula Vista charts plan to alleviate trash woes; Gloria says ‘enough is enough’

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