Christina Anstead: Fans Worry She is Dangerously Thin Amidst Ant Anstead Divorce

In December 2018, Christina Elmussa married Ant Anstead.

In less than two years The marriage between Christina and Ant is over..

Christina is on the move, but some of her fans are deeply worried.

Did she lose a dangerous amount of weight during the divorce?

“My favorite outfit: black on black on black [black heart emoji], ”Christina captioned her recent photo.

She added a tag: “# JohnnyCashVibes”

But what the fans were raising their eyebrows was her clearly visible thigh gaps and very thin legs.

Sometimes people eat a lot as a stress reaction. But others do the opposite, eating less or increasing exercise.

These are all normal stress responses, but they can cause unhealthy and rapid weight loss.

Fans were immediately concerned about Christina’s comments after she posted the photo.

There were so many comments and I was so worried that Christina replied just a few hours later.

“So people comment that I looked really thin, or I need to eat,” Christina observed.

She explained: “This is, in fact, the weight I’ve always weighed.”

“You guys have just seen me give birth,” Christina inferred to fans and followers.

“And” she continued, just now Did she have the opportunity to regain her non-Preggo body and “return to her original weight”?

For many physiological reasons, not everyone can achieve the “body in front of the baby”, but some can.

“So don’t worry, everything is fine,” the 37-year-old mother assured her fans.

“Cool people,” she added.

In a message to worried believers, Christina concluded, “I eat and eat healthy.”

Weight loss concerns are very useful, especially when it comes to famous women who are having a stressful time.

Divorce is a major stressor in life and she is one of the most famous women in Christina El Mussa, Unstead and Hark.

But there’s little context in which “eating a cheeseburger” isn’t rude-if not at all body-shaming.

Christina and Ant announced the separation in September 2020.

The divorce announcement was made in December, three months later.

They seek equal custody of the 17-month-old infant Hudson. Neither is seeking support from the other.

Ant said he felt devastated by the divorce.

He told fans and the media that Christina was the one who decided to divorce.

Divorce rarely happens without feelings hurt on at least one side of things.

In late January, Christina made a major change to Instagram.

She changed her display name to Christina Haack, indicating that she wanted to remove Ant’s name from her name.

Renaming can be dramatic, and many divorced people don’t think renaming is worth the hassle (or cost).

In particular, some couples who share their children keep the same surname to keep their child’s name.

In the case of Christina, this was kind of controversial, as she inevitably does not share the names of at least some children.

Obviously, Christina feels a desire to separate Ant’s entire name from her, and even if she starts Instagram, she does it early, not later. Good for her.

Christina Anstead: Fans Worry She is Dangerously Thin Amidst Ant Anstead Divorce Source link Christina Anstead: Fans Worry She is Dangerously Thin Amidst Ant Anstead Divorce

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