Chrissy Teigen explains on Instagram why she quit Twitter

After a long love-hate relationship with Twitter, Chrissy Teigen left the social media platform.

The model and cookbook author announced on Wednesday to more than 13 million followers that she had finished tweeting because of the toxic environment that had hit her mental health.

Teigen to have Previously rescued with the app And then back and established myself Major Twitter Celebrities Through witty thoughts about everyday life with her husband John Legend Candid commentary On the topic of hot buttons and the occasional sneaky spats with powerful figures such as former President Trump.

“For over a decade you were in my world,” Teigen tweeted shortly before revoking her account. “I honestly thanks to this world we created here. I really think many of you are my real friends.

“But it’s time to say goodbye,” she added in a follow-up tweet. This is not positive enough to help me negatively. I think it’s the right time to call something. “

Teigen’s quick humor and expert comeback game has won her millions of Twitter fans, but the “craving” mastermind also often ridicules her for her fame and extravagant lifestyle. Attracted many haters. Many thought the intensity of hatred from Twitter trolls was really cruel.

Teigen was praised for publishing on social media about her intimate experience, including her. abortion In September, some others scrutinized her for the amount she frequently revealed.

“The goal of my life is to make people happy,” Teigen continued with a farewell message. “The pain I feel when I’m away is too great for me. I’ve always been portrayed as a strong clapback girl, but it’s not.

“The desire to love and the fear of offending people made me feel like someone you haven’t signed up for. Tweeter, live well. What I’ve always cared about is you. Know that it was just! ”

On Thursday morning, Teigen went to Instagram with more than 34 million followers to further explain Twitter’s departure.

“It’s not a platform. It’s not” bullying. ” And it’s not a troll. It weighs heavily on you, but I can handle the trolls. ” She wrote, Share screenshots of deactivated Twitter accounts. “Only me. I have to agree with the fact that some people don’t like me.

“I can’t read that someone somehow disappointed you every day without physically absorbing that energy,” she added. “I can feel it in my bones.”

Teigen’s Twitter exit has already been lamented by several supporters, including late-night television host Lilly Singh.

“… When I attended the party, I felt lonely and very out of place,” Shin tweeted Wednesday. “One of the only people who made me feel comfortable was Chrissy Teigen. She joked with me. She was warm towards me. She made me feel like I was seen. It’s not Twitter. Try it out in real life. “

See below for other reactions to Teigen’s bustling Twitter departure.

Chrissy Teigen explains on Instagram why she quit Twitter Source link Chrissy Teigen explains on Instagram why she quit Twitter

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