Chris Lopez: I’m Not a Deadbeat Dad Like Kailyn Lowry Says!

Teen Mom 2 fans, Kailyn Lowry Second child by Chris Lopez, Many of them quickly expressed their shock and regret.

After all, Kail has been critical of Chris’s parenting (or lack of parenting) from the moment his first child, Lux, entered the world.

There is still tension between Raleigh and Lopez lately, but the birth of Kale’s fourth child, Creed, seems to have improved the situation somewhat.

In the past, Kale blamed Lopez to be “Instagram Dad” That is, a father who posts photos on social media to make his followers think they are playing an active role in their children’s lives.

Obviously, Chris can’t disprove it just by taking a picture with the kids, but he have They share parenting stories and up-to-date information on progress, suggesting that they are spending more time with their two sons.

Recently, Chris hosted an Instagram Q & A for his followers.

The conversation quickly turned into a topic for his two children, and the results were mixed, to say the least.

Chris Q & A

“How about seeing a toddler and a baby when it’s your turn? I have three boys,” asked one fan.

“Creed is a baby, so you always have to be careful,” Lopez replied.

“One day it’s going to be hard, but Lux is a great helper when it comes to his brother.”

Chris later complained that critics were uncomfortable-and frankly racist-to raise the theory. Creed is white, Therefore, he is not his biological son.

Sadly, this series of questions continued throughout the Q & A, eventually eliciting an angry reaction from Lopez.

“Why do people become ignorant because I have to turn off comments?” He asked.

“My son, yes, he’s white. My son is white. So? His mom is white, okay. If Creed had black hair, he probably wouldn’t say that,” continued Chris. ..

Chris went on to file many complaints that Kale had made.

This means that you don’t have to constantly explain your son’s father to many strangers because of the boy’s complexion and characteristics.

“Because he has blonde hair. I don’t even know how genetics works, but I’m not stupid, I understand things,” Lopez said.

“Have you seen her other kids? Is any of her other kids dark? No. Not even Lux, but no doubt he’s not my son.” He added.

It was a tough week for Chris on social media.

On Wednesday, Kale was ashamed of her baby dad for being poor and one of them Begging her for gas bills..

In addition to the allegedly controversy about Raleigh Fake drama with Lopez When it comes to TV ratings, Chris begins to seem to endure all of the worst parts of real-life stardom, but with no benefit.

He’s been forced to deal with criticisms and denials every time he logs on to the internet, but he doesn’t get paid for those fat MTVs, so he still has to borrow petrol from Kail!

Chris, maybe it’s time to start adjusting!

Chris Lopez: I’m Not a Deadbeat Dad Like Kailyn Lowry Says! Source link Chris Lopez: I’m Not a Deadbeat Dad Like Kailyn Lowry Says!

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