Chris Larangeira May Have Cheated on Angelina Pivarnick with This Transgender Model

We have an update on the failed marriage of Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Larangeira.

It’s also a nasty update.

In January, several months after the Jersey Shore actress canceled her divorce from Larangeira, we learned that Chris has gone ahead and left the necessary information. papers to end a marriage.

He mentioned “irreconcilable differences” in the process.

A little later, speculation spread about it Pivarnick was guilty of infidelity for two years.

And so it may well be.

However, a transgender model and activist named Jazyln Rose told The Sun this week that she and the spouse of the MTV personality made their first contact in July 2021.

He claims they later slept together in Miami.

Jazyln claimed Chris contacted her on Instagram and told her last summer that she was “beautiful.”

He said he immediately replied, “Oh thank you, I’m transgender.”

“I love it,” Larangeira presumably replied.

From there, Rose claimed that the reality star first opened up to her from her own history of sexual experiences.

“When I told her I was a trans, she said it wasn’t a problem for her, and she had been with a transgender a long time ago in New York when she was younger, about 20 years old.” Rose told The Sun..

Jazyln didn’t know who Larangeira was when the couple started talking on social media.

“I didn’t know she was still married. I always asked her.” Why are you still with her? Like, why do you post pictures with her if you’re not married to her? ”Rose continued.

“He denied it to me, and he lied to me like he was lying to him. It was just crazy.”

It didn’t take long, this 23-year-old woman continued that she and Chris started talking, texting, video chatting, and having sex on the phone.

In November 2021, Jazlyn reported using FaceTiming and sending text messages frequently.

As you can see below, Rose even shared screenshots of herself and Larangeira talking this way.

On New Year’s Day, Chris is said to have shared pictures of the bare back with Jazlyn … as well as a photo of herself with Angelina’s cat Gino.

Larangeira facetime

Finally, on March 11, Rose and Larangeira got on top of it.

“Chris and I went into the room and had sex,” Jazlyn claims, adding more of their time on AirBnB.

“He stayed at the checkout until about 11 a.m. He had to go have breakfast with his friends, and it was at the checkout for us – and I went to the hotel.”

Rose ended her interview by claiming that Larangeira threatened the Lord and has since blocked her number.

For him Angelina has been charged with fraud Chris with a man named Joe Tarallo from Old Bridge, New Jersey; and also with Mexican reality star Luis Caballero.

“[Chris] had known Joe about Old Bridge, but thought he was now loyal and dedicated to working on their marriage, “a source close to Larangeira told The Sun late last month.

When Chris found out about Luis, “his heart broke,” this person added.

Larangeira has since moved out of her home with Angelina and lives on Staten Island.

Chris Larangeira May Have Cheated on Angelina Pivarnick with This Transgender Model Source link Chris Larangeira May Have Cheated on Angelina Pivarnick with This Transgender Model

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