Chores, exercise, and social visits linked to lower risk of dementia

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Physical and mental activities, such as household chores, exercise, and visiting family and friends, can help reduce the risk of dementia, according to new research published in the July 27, 2022, online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. The study looked at the effects of these activities, as well as mental activities and the use of electronic devices in people with and without the risk of dementia.

“Several studies have identified significant risk factors rabiesbut we want to know more about various lifestyle behaviors and their role in dementia prevention,” said study author Huan Song, MD, Ph.D., of Sichuan University in Chengdu. of China,” our research found. this exercise, household choresand public visits are associated with reduced risk of various psychiatric disorders.”

The study involved 501,376 people from the UK database without dementia with an average age of 56.

Participants filled out questionnaires at the beginning of the study, including one on physical activity. They were asked how often they participate in activities such as climbing stairs, walking, and participating in sports. They were also asked about household chores, work-related activities, and the type of transportation they use, including walking or biking to work.

Participants completed a questionnaire on mental activity. They were asked about them level of educationwhether they attend adult education classes, how often they visit friends and familyvisit bars or social clubs or religious groupsand how often they use it electronic devices such as playing computer games, watching television, and talking on the phone.

Additionally, participants reported whether they had a close relative with dementia. This has helped researchers determine whether they have an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The study participants followed an average of 11 years. At the end of the study, 5,185 people were diagnosed with dementia.

After adjusting for many factors such as age, income, and smoking, the researchers found that many of the physical and mental activities studied showed a relationship to the risk of insanity. Importantly, the study was after considering the high correlation and interaction of these activities. People who were highly engaged in an activity schedule that included regular exercise, household chores, and regular visits to family and friends had a 35%, 21%, and 15% lower risk of dementia, respectively follow, compared to the people who were the least in these activities. patterns.

Researchers have also looked at the incidence of dementia by identifying mechanisms of action. The number of people who exercise regularly is 0.45 times per 1,000 person-years compared to 1.59 for people who rarely exercise. The age of the robot takes into account the number of people in the study and the amount of time spent in the study. Those who do housework regularly have a rate of 0.86 cases per 1,000 person-years compared to 1.02 for people who rarely do housework. People who visit family every day have a rate of 0.62 cases per 1,000 person-years compared to 0.8 cases for those who only visit friends and family once in a few months.

“Our research found that by regularly engaging in physical and mental health activities people can reduce their risk of dementia,” Song said. “More research is needed to confirm our findings. However, our results are encouraging that making these lifestyle changes can be beneficial.”

The researchers found that all participants benefited from the protective effects of physical and mental activity, whether they had a family history of depression or not.

A limitation of the study is that people reported their own physical and mental activity, so they may not have remembered and reported these activities accurately.

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Chores, exercise, and social visits linked to lower risk of dementia Source link Chores, exercise, and social visits linked to lower risk of dementia

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