China to ‘stick with’ zero-COVID strategy, President Xi says

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Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Thursday that the country will “stick” to its COVID-19 strategy, according to state television, as the world’s most populous country suffers from the largest outbreak. since the onset of the disease.

The country where the virus broke out in late 2019 has continued to contain outbreaks due to border crossings, long demarcation and targeted looting, and has not reported any deaths. associated with coronavirus for more than one year.

But the rapidly evolving Omicron variant poses a major challenge to this strategy, which has led authorities to close cities including the Shenzhen Technology Center, home to 17.5 million people.

The world’s second-largest economy has risen from reporting less than 100 epidemics in the past three weeks to over 1,000 per day for more than a week.

More than 2,400 people were reported infected on Thursday, according to the health ministry.

Speaking at a summit of Chinese leaders, Xi said the country should continue to put people and life at the forefront, adhere to scientific and energy balance, and curb the spread of disease as soon as possible. CCTV television.

Xi was quoted by Xi as saying that Beijing must “move beyond the prevention and control of scientific accuracy and continue to improve disease prevention measures.”

He called for “strengthening key technical areas such as immunization, rapid testing and clinical research” to make the disease more effective, “CCTV reported.

Xi also called for tougher measures to curb the spread of the virus at checkpoints, stressing the need to “re-control the outbreak immediately”.

Tens of millions of people are currently under house arrest across China to test and eliminate the disease new outbreaks.

– Awareness – Beijing’s communist government has made the disease more politically capitalist, saying the death toll is a testament to its constitutional strength.

Fighting is raging in several cities, and Chinese officials are also pushing for hospital beds because of fears the virus could put the health system in jeopardy.

The northeastern Chinese province of Jilin – which reported tens of thousands of people in the past week – has built eight “temporary hospitals” and two isolation centers to stem the spread of the disease.

The state-run media this week aired a video of major catastrophes including temporary shelters in Jilin, which has about 23,000 hospital beds for about 24 million residents.

Authorities also said vulnerable people could be excluded from central isolation, since in the past they had referred all patients with any symptoms to specialist hospitals.

The latest violence has led to long queues outside public testing centers and tougher security measures at the port, raising fears of disruptions to trade.

In Shanghai – China’s largest city and home to 25 million people – authorities closed school premises, closed some residences and launched a massive population test, according to state media.

China has improved accommodation as the Omicron outbreak spreads

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China to ‘stick with’ zero-COVID strategy, President Xi says Source link China to ‘stick with’ zero-COVID strategy, President Xi says

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