China suspends alcohol imports from Taiwan amid rising tensions

Amberlyn Chowdhury | Bloomberg

China has suspended imports of alcoholic beverages from certain Taiwanese companies. This is the latest company to take a hit amid heightened political tensions.

Taiwan has asked Chinese officials the reasons for the decision, the island’s finance ministry said in a statement. Affected producers include state-owned Taiwan Tobacco Liquor, Legend He Brewery, Yunshan Distillery and Taihu Brewery, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency. According to Taiwan’s Next Apple News website, China has also suspended imports of several other beverages, including products from Uni-President Enterprise Corporation.

Beijing has scaled back its purchases of Taiwanese goods as it seeks to punish the island’s democratically elected government for tightening ties with the United States and its allies. Two-way trade with Taiwan and China surpassed his $328 billion last year, with food making up a small portion, in contrast to Taiwan’s technologically advanced makers of semiconductors. , is one area where Beijing can find alternative sources.

After U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taipei in August, China announced a moratorium on imports of fish and fruit from the island.

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