China records nearly 3,400 daily virus cases in worst outbreak in two years

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Chinese health authorities reported an estimated 3,400 COVID-19 outbreaks on Sunday, more than double the previous day, forcing the closure of infected areas as the country prepares for an outbreak. epidemic within two years.

Complaints across the country have seen authorities close schools in Shanghai and close some northeastern cities, while nearly 19 provinces compete with the Omicron and Delta factions.

The city A section of Jilin has been closed, with hundreds of neighborhoods closed, an official said on Sunday, while Yanji, urban area of nearly 700,000 borders with North Korea, completely closed.

China, where virus First discovered in late 2019, it adheres to strict ‘zero-COVID’ policies implemented through fast locks, travel restrictions and mass testing when groups emerge.

But new violence, resulting in Omicron variants of rapid proliferation and proliferation in asymptomatic cases, is challenging this approach.

Zhang Yan, an official with the Jilin Provincial Health Administration, confirmed the incident on Sunday local governmentSo far no cure has been found for the disease.

“Emergency services in some areas are not very strong, there is not enough understanding of Omicron’s differences… and the decision is not fair,” he said at a government press conference.

Jilin residents have completed six population tests, according to local officials. Last Sunday the city reported more than 500 complaints of Omicron variation.

Neighboring Changchun – an industrial hub for nine million people – was closed on Friday.

The small towns of Siping and Dunhua, Jilin Province, were closed on Thursday and Friday, according to an official statement.

The mayor of Jilin and the chairman of the Changchun Health Board were fired on Saturday, state media reported, in a political gesture imposed on local councils to curb the spread of the disease.


But China is tired of the measures being taken, with officials calling for more lenient measures to curb the virus, while economists warn that drastic measures are hurting the country’s economy. .

As cases have been increasing since the end of February, responses in various parts of the country have been softer and more attacked compared to December, when the city of Xi’an with 13 million people. they were locked up for two weeks.

In the Chinese capital, Shanghai, authorities have stepped up their efforts to close schools, businesses, restaurants and shops temporarily due to fears of public proximity rather than isolation.

Long queues have been seen outside hospitals in the city as people rush to test negative COVID.

As the situation worsens, the National Institutes of Health announced on Friday that it will introduce the use of antigen tests as soon as possible.

The equipment will now be available online or at a pharmacy for hospitals and the general public to purchase for “self-examination”, the health ministry said.

Although the test of nucleic acid will continue to be the main test, the measure shows that China can predict that official efforts will not be able to carry the virus.

Last week, a senior Chinese scientist said the country should be willing to cooperate with the virus, like other countries, where Omicron has spread like wildfire.

But the government has also made it clear that public intimidation is an option.

Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan, who regularly telephoned high-level commentators on the response to the outbreak, on Saturday urged the regions to speed up and eradicate the outbreak.

China’s major COVID-19 virus in two years is bringing new levels, stress

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China records nearly 3,400 daily virus cases in worst outbreak in two years Source link China records nearly 3,400 daily virus cases in worst outbreak in two years

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