China locks down city of 9 million as virus ripples across country

The city of Shenyang in northeastern Liaoning Province was ordered closed on Monday evening.

China closed an industrial city of nine million people overnight and reported more than 4,000 outbreaks on Tuesday, as the country’s “zero-covid” strategy hit Hurricane Omicron.

Health authorities reported 4,770 outbreaks across the country, mostly in the northeastern province of Jilin, according to the city The closure of Shenyang in the western province of Liaoning was ordered on Monday.

China has made haste in recent weeks to eliminate the virus cluster with a series of domestic locksmiths, public tests and shutdowns altogether. He reported two Covid-19 deaths on Saturday, the first in more than a year.

Authorities have warned of the dangers posed by continued looting as the country struggles to cope with health problems and the needs of the world’s second-largest economy.

Shenyang, an industrial hub for industries including the BMW car industry, reported 47 new cases on Tuesday as authorities placed all housing units under “administrative closure” and prevented residents from leaving. with no test results for 48 hours.

Last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed the need to “reduce” the impact of the virus on China’s economy, but also urged officials to “adhere to” the COVID-19 measures. .

But Beijing’s medical book has been expanded to the limit by Omicron’s new surgery, which has forced authorities to cool hospital beds from vulnerable patients.

Some cities like Shanghai have avoided overcrowding prevent going outside and instead make a web-based locking mechanism for human construction, as new routine asymptomatic diseases spread to hundreds.

Jilin Province officials announced on Monday that the first 10,000 doses of Pfizer Covid’s drug arrived on Sunday, the first time Paxlovid has been used in China.

The province last week imposed a curfew barring residents from leaving their towns and counties, while several towns have already cordoned off residents.

South Shenzhen Technology Center on Monday announced it would lift its one-week closure “in order”, after some measures were relaxed on Friday to reduce the impact of the virus closure on factories and ports. .

Health officials last week said nearly half of Chinese over the age of 80 had been vaccinated twice, while Hong Kong observers – mostly among the elderly who have not been vaccinated. vaccination does not – depends on Beijing’s decision.

China locks millions more as COVID spreads

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China locks down city of 9 million as virus ripples across country Source link China locks down city of 9 million as virus ripples across country

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