China locks down city of 300,000 over single COVID case

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Hundreds of thousands of people were stranded in a small Chinese city on Tuesday after a single case of COVID-19 was detected, while Beijing’s anti-retroviral treatment showed no signs of abating.

China is the latest major economy to adhere to the COVID-Covid policy, suppressing new outbreaks with lockouts, forcing isolation and preventing difficult travel despite rising public fatigue and destroying the economy.

Authorities in several regions have imposed a series of sanctions as they struggle to contain new violence spread by Omicron.

Following the reported outbreak of the disease domestically, the Wugang Steel Plant in Henan Province announced on Monday that it would implement a three-day “closure” in response to “disease prevention needs”, according to an official statement. .

The statement said none of the city’s 320,000 people were allowed to set foot outside their homes until mid-Thursday, the statement said, adding that consumer goods would be delivered by local government.

Residents are not allowed to use their vehicles without permission and must be officially authorized to travel under “closed-door” conditions if there is a debt, the statement said.

The city is one of China’s largest steel companies, Wuyang Iron & Steel Co., which exports to the United States, Japan and other major Western countries, according to Bloomberg.

‘250 million under sanctions’

The nearby city of Zhumadian – which has a population of nearly seven million – also announced on Tuesday that it would impose a similar three-day closure of the city center after two people tested the quality.

But the barriers appear to be easier than in Wugang, where local residents have been instructed not to leave their homes “unless absolutely necessary” and one person in each home is allowed to go out every two days to buy groceries, the city government said. .

The statement added that parks such as bars, cinemas, gymnasiums and karaoke parks have been banned and only restaurants are allowed to offer food on the way to the destination.

Nearly 250 million people in China are now under some form of anti-virus control – more than last week – Japan’s Nomura Bank said on Monday.

Outbreaks and official responses have dashed hopes that Beijing is ready to turn its back on what was seen earlier this year, when tens of thousands of people were detained in their homes, sometimes for weeks.

The country received 347 new domestic cases on Tuesday, more than 80 percent of whom showed no signs of the disease, according to the National Health Service.

Concerns have been raised about austerity measures by COVID in Shanghai, which endured a two-month long shutdown earlier this year that led to a shortage of resources and protests.

A total of 25 million megacity residents have been instructed to do two COVID tests between Tuesday and Thursday, while current figures continue to float in double digits.

In the eastern province of Anhui province, where authorities last week threw 1.7 million people into detention, residents of a local government area will hold their 15th test on Tuesday, according to an official statement.

China’s 13 million city closes again to avoid COVID explosion

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China locks down city of 300,000 over single COVID case Source link China locks down city of 300,000 over single COVID case

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