Children’s expressions tell the story of poor sleep

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When Shakespeare called sleep a “soft nurse of nature,” he was definitely obsessed with something. Centuries later, researchers found that poor sleep in children affects their emotional function in a way that could predict long-term social problems.New research published in Affect science Candice Alfano, a professor of psychology at the University of Houston, investigated whether changes in a child’s facial expressions after sleep restriction predict social problems simultaneously and / or over time.

“Sleeping disorder Children It is routinely associated with reduced social capacity and increased problems with peer relationships, but we really don’t know what promotes these relationships, “Alfano reports. How to express emotions when a child’s face is tired.

To test this theory, Alfano et al. Examined 37 children between the ages of 7 and 11 during emotional assessments in two laboratories. One is when the children are well rested and the other is after a partial sleep restriction of two nights.During these assessments the children looked positive (think of them as kittens) ice cream) And negative (think of taking shots and ferocious dogs) photos will be displayed on your computer screen while the high resolution camera is recording them. Facial expression.. Participant’s parents provided a report on the child’s social functioning at that time and about two years later.

“As we suspected, children who did not show a very positive look in response to pleasing images when sleep was restricted, even when managing previous social problems, had two years. It was later reported that he had more social problems, “Alfano said.

Changes in facial expressions based on sleep Social issues Not found, Alfano suggests this may be due to developmental differences Social behavior And fellow relationships.

“for Young childrenClearer actions, such as sharing and taking turns, may be more important to friendship than subtle facial expressions. However, Emotional expression “Facial expressions are known to not only help others understand how you feel, but also have a contagious effect on their feelings,” Alfano explained. increase.

This result shows poor sleep quality as a child in predicting later social and emotional problems, and studies investigating how sleep affects multiple aspects of a child’s mental health and well-being. Supports a fast-growing series of studies that demonstrate the importance of. Facial expressions, a central aspect of social communication, are one aspect of emotions at the expense of loss of sleep.

Lack of sleep impairs a child’s mental health

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Candice A. Alfano et al., Emotional expression of children after sleep restriction predicts social problems several years later, Affect science (2021). DOI: 10.1007 / s42761-021-00078-2

Quote: Your face: The expression of the child is sleep deprivation obtained on October 19, 2021 from https: // (October 19, 2021) Sun) story

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Children’s expressions tell the story of poor sleep Source link Children’s expressions tell the story of poor sleep

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