Chesa Boudin critic replaces him as San Francisco DA

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – San Francisco’s prime minister has voted indictment against fired District Attorney Chesa Boudin, saying his choice is the right man to pursue criminal justice. while holding the wicked.

Mayor London Breed announced on Friday that Brooke Jenkins will become the new district attorney after voters in the notorious city ousted the politically successful Boudin at a special memorial election last month. Jenkins was sworn into office Friday.

Jenkins, who left Boudin’s office in 2021 to donate to the memorial, is black and Latina. He was the first Latin district attorney in San Francisco. Vice President Kamala Harris was the city’s first Black DA.

“We are a city of two times. But the truth is, we need to draw a line with those who have chosen hatred, violence and a life of crime,” Jenkins told a news conference. announcing his election. “I want to make it clear: holding criminals accountable does not prevent us from moving forward with drastic and critical reforms to our criminal justice system.”

Boudin, the first defender to be elected in 2019, was released at a June 7 memorial election fueled by anger for public safety in the deep Democratic city. Viral videos of thieves and attacks on the elderly, especially African Americans, have delighted locals.

Breed said he chose Jenkins because of his knowledge, sense of justice and love for victims and offenders. The minister did not disclose how he chose the memorial but argued with Boudin for implementation.

“He sacrificed his job to fight for the people in this city, to fight for the people who needed a voice in the city,” Breed said.

Jenkins, who considered himself a successful plaintiff, said during the announcement that Boudin was completely arrested. He ended the bail for the defendants and said minors should not be tried as adults, despite the seriousness of the crime. Jenkins said he likes those tools that the plaintiffs have to use in their opinion.

In an interview with The Associated Press before the election, Jenkins said that being a successful candidate is “the new thing about finding other people in custody, but trying to convince our non -accused people of wrongdoing. “

Boudin, who has not decided to run again for district attorney, said his time in the office was affected by an illness that replaced courts and care programs and counseling. trusted to rehabilitate offenders.

Jenkins joined the San Francisco district attorney’s office in 2014.

He said he plans to fly in November to serve the rest of Boudin’s tenure until 2023.

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Chesa Boudin critic replaces him as San Francisco DA Source link Chesa Boudin critic replaces him as San Francisco DA

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