Cheese theft: wheels of fortune

This is a bad time to be a cheese lover. Lack of supply and inflation have caused prices to soar for everything from fine cheddar to spicy Camembert. The goods are now so expensive that they have become a tempting target for thieves. Recently, bandits have gone away with 1,600 kilos of cheese Worth $ 23,000 from a dairy farm in the Netherlands.

The price of comparable U.S. cheese, similar to the West Texas midterm oil barrel, was determined by 40-pound blocks of cheddar trading on the Chicago Board of Trade.

In Europe, mozzarella prices have risen about 44% since November, according to EEX’s weekly European cheese indices, based on the price contributions of physical dairy market participants. Cheddar prices in the UK have climbed 55% more in the past two years, while blue cheese in France has risen by a fifth, says Tridge, a data analysis provider of food and agricultural products. Wallace and Gromit, the cheese-loving heroes of some of Ardman’s animations, will certainly not be forgiven.

A tight milk supply has raised cheese prices. Steep feed and fuel prices have also squeezed cheese makers. Anhydrous milk fat, a core dairy product, peaked at $ 7,111 a tonne on March 15, according to the Global Dairy Trade Index, which tracks milk prices in New Zealand. Whole milk powder, the most traded product, reached an eight-year high last month.

Line chart of average price, $ per metric ton showing whole milk powder

The problem of organized cheese pirates is not new. In Italy, where Parmesan cheese can be used Bank collateral. Thieves appreciate the variety for its high price and ease with which Parmesan durable wheels can be moved. The last major robbery was in 2018, when criminals stole 271 wheels Of organic cheese, weighing 12,500 pounds and worth $ 300,000. Two years earlier in Wisconsin, a thief had fled with a truck she was holding 10,000 kilos of cheese.

After theft, the wheels are usually cut into smaller pieces that cannot be located. It is thought that a large part of the cheese comes from abroad, including Eastern Europe.

A frequently cited study from 2011 defendant That the most stolen food item in the world is cheese. “The reasons for this are quite clear, including high demand, easy ‘disposal’ by thieves and small, mobile formats that make concealment easier,” the report said. Other items may have attracted more criminal attention since then. But cheesemakers, given the increase in value, would be wise Strengthen their security measures.

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