Chatbots better than humans for delivering bad news

More and more companies are using chat boots or other artificial intelligence to help people with customer service.

It turns out that these bots can be better than humans at giving bad news.

New research indicates that people are more likely to make a bad deal with an AI chatbot than with a human agent.

“AI is impartial,” said Aaron Garvey, one of the authors of the study and a professor at Gatton College of Business and Economics at the University of Kentucky. “He doesn’t have these human-like intentions, and it’s these human-like intentions that drive a lot of our responses in negotiations. We’re trying to get into the other person’s mind and understand what motivates them. It’s just us. Don’t blame that on AI.”

Garvey’s research looked at two cases: one had tickets to concerts. The other examined the prices of the trip.

“People traveled to the restaurant and it was $ 15,” Garvey said, “and then back, at the same distance, that amount was several times.”

In both cases, people were more tolerant of a bad deal.

“On the other hand,” said Garvey, “if it’s a very good deal, and something you would normally appreciate, you’re much more appreciative and appreciative of what comes from a human being. You’re pretty much excluded if it comes from an AI.”

These reactions can be a reason for companies to switch to bad news chats.

Garvey said it’s important for everyone, as consumers, to know what they’re talking about.

“Come in with that inference,‘ Okay, I might be working with an AI, but there’s probably someone behind the scenes who’s setting up the algorithm, ’” Garvey said. “That’s ultimately responsible for the offer that comes to me. It’s not necessarily the impartial and unwanted offer that a computer gives me. There’s a human being in the background.”

According to Garvey, this technology can be deployed in the workplace.

As companies find that they are more responsive to bad news from AI sources, they may choose to post pink posts or reviews of poor performance via chatbot instead of in person.

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Chatbots better than humans for delivering bad news Source link Chatbots better than humans for delivering bad news

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