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Cincinnati — There was a time when Justin Herbert was considered number one overall in the consensus, and it didn’t matter whether he participated in the NFL draft in 2019 or 2020.

Joe Burrow changed his belief when he was arguably the best season for college quarterbacks in the process of winning the National Championships and the Heisman Trophy as a senior in the LSU redshirt.

But Barrow is still surprised that the Cincinnati Bengals made him number one overall in 2020. Because I remember how strongly NFL Scouts and Draft experts felt about Herbert, a 6’6 outlook from Oregon with all the physical characteristics.

Barrow, a three-season backup quarterback at Ohio State University and a teammate for the Chargers edge rusher Joe Ibosa, has moved to LSU.

Herbert became the third quarterback after Barrow and Tua Tagovailoa in Alabama, who were ranked fifth overall by the Miami Dolphins in last year’s draft.

“He was always a man, really forever,” Barrow said about Herbert this week. “For his three years he was going to be the next number one. So I knew him all the time he was playing. I never thought I would be the best pick. . I was an unknown backup person for 3 years. ”

Barrow and Herbert turned their story over as a draft outlook, but they take the same view as an expert. They will fight for the first time on Sunday when the Chargers (6-5) meet Bengals (7-4) at Paul Brown Stadium.

Herbert was a bystander when Barrow recorded his first career NFL touchdown. In the opening round of the 2020 season in Cincinnati, 23 yards played against the Chargers. However, Herbert was a backup quarterback for Tyrod Taylor, who led the Chargers to a 16-13 victory that day.

Herbert had to wait to change his story after many scouts and draft experts changed his tone following the rocky senior season in Oregon. Herbert has moved from a popular outlook with rocket arms to a quarterback with many warning signs, including the perception that it’s not as charismatic as the NFL’s locker room.

Barrow’s physical skill set wasn’t comparable to that of Herbert, but many noticed the struggle and calm he showed at LSU and enjoyed the draftboard surge. However, the Chargers did not forget Herbert’s physical gift and did his homework with his modest personality.

The Chargers planned to take a slow approach to Herbert’s development, but a week after leaving Cincinnati he entered his first role. And to scout and draft experts, why they once ranked him first overall.

“Whenever you can see it as a bystander, you can learn and pick it up,” Herbert said as a backup for that first game. “I wanted to watch more games and learn more, but that was the situation. I started picking up as much as possible from those guys in the tie rods and quarterback rooms. Indeed, it was. It was a lot of learning. ”

Former Chargers coach Anthony Lynn was enthusiastic about Herbert as a “reasonable backup,” but many have seen how well Herbert played after making his debut with a five-minute notice. The slow approach may have paid off because of the confusion. Kansas City Chiefs. Team Doctor accidentally stabbed Taylor’s lungs before the kick-off, paving the way for Herbert’s memorable rookie season.

Many draft experts say he is a significantly improved player in the rookie season than what Herbert displayed as a senior in Oregon. Or was it an excuse to overestimate how vocal the NFL quarterback needs to be?

Herbert, of course, proved that he belonged to the same level as Barrow, and the two strangled the Offense Blue Key of the Year before Barrow tore the ACL in the 11th week. All new quarterback records.

Barrow has recovered from a catastrophic injury and has surpassed the horizontal bar he set as a rookie.

“I haven’t talked about it since (NFL Scouting Combine), but Joe was a great person to meet,” Herbert said. “I’m always rooting for him. The success he’s achieved over the last few years has been great. I’m always doing my best for him.”

They didn’t fight in the first week of last season, and there was no photo finish for this year’s rookie, but the two will eventually meet in the field on Sunday.

But seeing the same is rarely enough for the football masses. Better Quarterback. Herbert may have a slight lead in the discussion, based on statistics and his physical skills.

Chargers’ Justin Herbert, Bengals’ Joe Burrow were viewed differently before becoming NFL stars – Press Telegram Source link Chargers’ Justin Herbert, Bengals’ Joe Burrow were viewed differently before becoming NFL stars – Press Telegram

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