Channing Tatum Has an Important Message for Dads: ‘Wear the Tiara’

Channing Tatum “wasn’t sure what to do with the little strong girl” when she first became a single parent.

Tatum share custody nine-year-old daughter Everly with ex-wife Jenna Dewan. Since the former couple share in 2018 21 hopping street the actor has learned overcome his fears raising a child. In an interview with his latest children’s book, The one and only Sparkella makes a planTatum opened Fatherly of what he has learned and of the counsel he has for all fathers. So don’t be afraid to dress.

“You don’t even have to be cute. You could just put on a dress and still be yourself,” she says in a new interview released on June 17th. “It’s going to be even more fun for them. As you could be so rude and hard and whatever you want to be, wear a tiara.”

Tatum understands that it can be challenging for any parent to keep up with the play after a full day of work, even though he says Everly isn’t afraid to call him out if he doesn’t give 100 percent. “He knows when I’m not really creative because I’ve given him too much too early,” he says. “And I tried too hard too early, and he just says, ‘Dad, you’re calling it,’ or he’s like, ‘Come, play seriously,’ when he knows I’m calling it and I’m just tired.”

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In the end, Channing Tatum says the key to a good father is the “spectrum,” but it is based on “the will, the desire to appear and just be present.”

“You may have no idea or you have a terrible father, and you may be so scared you’ll be like that and you don’t know how to deal with it. Or you might be afraid to get engaged and mess it up, ”Tatum said. “I had my own problems as I grew up and I think I was scared because I didn’t know how to be the father I wanted. But I just wanted to do a good job. And I just wanted to perform and whatever that means. “

Channing Tatum Has an Important Message for Dads: ‘Wear the Tiara’ Source link Channing Tatum Has an Important Message for Dads: ‘Wear the Tiara’

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