Chancellor Castro honored at unveiling of his presidential portrait

On Friday night, October 8th, about 60 family members, friends and faculty members gathered at the Henry Madden Library’s Table Mountain Rancheria reading room to receive and present a formal presidential portrait of Dr. Joseph I. Castro. ..

“It’s great to see you here on this really special and rare occasion,” said Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval, current Principal of Fresno State University, Fresno. And it gave us the power to visualize how deeply we are transforming the fertile valley community. “

The unveiling ceremony was more than a ritual tradition. It was also an opportunity to celebrate Fresno and Castros time at college, to go around things and to reunite with important friends and colleagues.

“The departure from Fresno last December was very sudden,” said Dr. Castro. “I couldn’t thank you for your support because of this crazy COVID.” His voice was cut off when he explained how he left. It wasn’t very fun to do it without saying goodbye. ”

With the full support of President Jimenez Sandval, Castros was welcomed to attend the May graduation ceremony, Dr. Castro said: many. ”

Castro served as president from 2013 to the end of 2020 when the California State University Board of Directors elected him the eighth Prime Minister of California State University.

Jiménez-Sandoval, the ninth president of the university, said of Castro’s tenure in Fresno:

“Since nearly 70% of our students first enrolled in college with their families, his presence changed access to our first-generation Fresno State University students, and families have a long tradition in Fresno. Indeed, I’ve often heard Prime Minister Castro declare with conviction and determination. Every family is talented. “

Since moving here in 2008, local artist Maly has painted a 36 “x 40” oil-on-linen canvas portrait. This represents a Regalia castro.

From January to June, Lee spent about six months on portraits of Castro, working from several reference photographs. Later in the process, Castros met Rye at his studio / gallery Vernissage, directly opposite Fresno High School, and refined his portrait.

“I absolutely love it,” Castro said. “Mary is one of my most credible critics. She thought Ma’s work perfectly reflected my energy and personality as president. Fresno State University students and it. I hope it plays a small role in encouraging them to set big and bold goals in their lives. After all, Hanford’s children— And now, with Fowler’s child, President Saul Jimenez Sandval— We have shown that it is possible to lead the largest and most important public university in the Central Valley. “

Born in Laos, Ly moved to France for 30 years after the Vietnam War and then to Fresno. In 2016, the Fresno Arts Council gave him Horizon Award, Recognize those who have made significant contributions to the local art scene.

Jim Giovino, director of the Fresno County Department of Education and a friend of Castros, recommended Lee to the Portrait Commission. Jobino asked Lee to make a portrait of President Barack Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama. Lee’s portrait work can also be seen at the Betty Rodriguez Regional Branch of the Fresno County Public Library. Here, portraits of Rodriguez are on display.

The portrait is adorned with paintings by other former presidents of the university. Currently, these are introduced along the back corridor leading to Cheong Wa Dae, along with the university milestone timeline.

Next year, when the Linda-Stewart Resnick Student Union is completed, the portrait collection will move to the public space of the building.

“I hope my portrait of Dr. Castro reminds me of his contribution to Fresno and helps inspire art students,” Lee said. “As a French-American artist, in this portrait I leave a major legacy from my work at the prominent University of California.”

Those who attended the unveiling event also toasted Castro’s success with something new. 2020 Prime Minister Reserve Chardonnay ($ 21.95, available at Fresno State Winery and Gibson Farm Market).

“I would like to thank the students, faculty, graduates and friends who supported Mary and me during her nearly seven and a half years of work in Fresno, as well as her former cabinet,” Castro said. “It was an experience we cherish for the rest of our lives.”

Chancellor Castro honored at unveiling of his presidential portrait Source link Chancellor Castro honored at unveiling of his presidential portrait

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