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Kids enjoy clowns and other fun at Vaccine All 58, which takes place at Edward Vincent Park in Inglewood. (Photo courtesy)

In California, efforts continue to raise awareness and encourage young people to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

As of June 9, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) reported 1.4 million cases of COVID-19 among youth ages 5-17, representing 15.5 percent of all cases in the state. There are 46 deaths among children in this age group. For children under the age of five, 293,607 confirmed cases and 25 deaths were reported.

Now that the federal government has raised age limits on who can receive vaccinations, community organizations have partnered with health care providers and public health advocates serving California to host nationwide events encouraging young people to get the vaccine. . They remind young people how important it is to protect themselves and their family members from spreading the deadly disease.

On May 21, the Akoma Unity Center in San Bernardino hosted an event called Spring Wellness. Participants enjoyed activities such as free yoga in the park, zumba and capoeira lessons, a zoo and craft activities. The event also included a live DJ, extra food and fun activities for young people to take part in. The event vaccination clinic, sponsored by CDPH and provided by SnapNurse, a health care agency, delivered more than 20 doses of Pfizer vaccine to children, teens and adults.

Spring Into Wellness in San Bernardino presented yoga in the park. (Photo courtesy)

On June 3, the Summer Movies in the Park Family Fun Pre-Show took place at Alec Fergusson Park in Rialto, where vaccination levels are among the lowest in the state. Currently, only 58% of Rialto residents are fully vaccinated. The event was attended by over 250 people and included a free dinner and gourmet corn tea. It included a variety of activities to engage children, including drawing faces, twisting balloons, bouncing houses, blowing bubbles and a photo booth. Information booths were available for attendees, and another vaccination clinic, also sponsored by CDPH, delivered more than 20 doses of Pfizer vaccine.

On Saturday, June 4, at about 70 miles in Inglewood, CDPH and Vaccinate all 58, an initiative of the Governor’s Office set up in response to COVID, hosted the Family Gathering: A Day of Fun for the Whole Family in Inglewood. The families went out and participated in a number of fun activities offered along with various health services. The children received coloring book-inspired coloring books featuring the adventures of the superhero duo Vaccine and her older brother Booster. Stepyourgameup.org, a virtual reality mobile gaming service, provided a 50-foot video game arcade organized by hip-hop-inspired hero Homeboy the Clown, who led the children into a lively dance and exercise session. Throughout the day, street DJs from the free radio station KJLH 102.3 and Guy Black provided music.

Visitors receive a free dinner at a vaccination clinic in Rialto. (Photo courtesy)

Some of the health services offered include eye examinations and vision assessments. Martin Luther King Jr. Municipal Health Center also provided free, safe, and effective vaccines and booster vaccines to families, along with preventive health checkups such as blood pressure and temperature. Amazon’s $ 50 gift cards were handed out to lucky ones who visited three of the healthcare providers.

Across California last week, COVID-19 deaths reached one of the lowest points since the pandemic began, with an average weekly death rate of one June 7 deaths. On the same day, the CDPH reported an average of 13,742 cases per week.

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CDPH, Community Groups Wrap Kids’ COVID Wellness in Fun Outdoor Events – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link CDPH, Community Groups Wrap Kids’ COVID Wellness in Fun Outdoor Events – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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