CDC close to new guidance on COVID restrictions

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will announce new guidelines to guide COVID-19 restrictions later this week or early next week, according to a CDC scientist involved in the project.

Currently, the board guides on measures such as use a mask same to you public exclusion it is based on the number of new cases in 100,000 people and the percentage of quality tests in the last seven days.

The guide will soon rely on COVID-19 levels in one area, a CDC scientist told CNN.

“It will be considered that when you reach this level, you will want to consider doing so; when you reach this level, you want to consider doing so,” the source said. “Hopefully they will emphasize the importance of local health departments to make decisions based on local conditions.”

According to current regulations, 97% of districts are on the dispersal or large, but the new regulations will put smaller provinces at the dispersion level, according to the scientist.

There are two main reasons for the change in dosage – most people are now being vaccinated and the majority Omicron variant causing mild illness, the source told CNN.

Instead of looking at domestic issues alone, the CDC wants to prioritize meaningful outcomes such as hospitality, visiting the emergency room and mortality, which is in line with the agency’s expectations muraaccording to the scientist.

The source told CNN that “Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated by COVID’s impact on individuals and health care systems.” “This is something that people have been busy with and working hard – I mean really – in the last few weeks. It started before Omicron, then Omicron drew everyone in, and now we can finish. . “

Several states have already announced changes to COVID restrictions and some governors have asked the CDC for more guidance on how to make such a decision, CNN reported.

The CDC may relax its local mask cover early next week

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CDC close to new guidance on COVID restrictions Source link CDC close to new guidance on COVID restrictions

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