Catching redfish and black drum while fishing in Aransas Pass

As the song says, “It’s the best time of the year.” I agree that Thanksgiving for the New Year is wonderful. It’s a family gathering, a feast, a celebration of the birth of the Savior Jesus, a Christmas Eve song, a New Year’s Eve party, and all the time associated with the holidays. But catching big red fish and black drums in the coastal bays is also the best time of the year, especially for lure fishermen.

Recently, my wife Beth and I spent two days trying to put the fish in the freezer on the Aranthus Pass. Coastal fishing has been slow for us since the terrible February freeze. Millions of fish in our bay have been frozen to death. The spotted trout was hit really hard. Some red fish and black drums died, but they were harder than trout and most survived.

Beth and I drove to the grass flat behind Lansam Island. His brother Wayne was catching Redfish through a deep hole in the flat. Deep is a relative term. A 6-foot hole is deep when talking about a 2-3-foot depth on a flat.

We soon started catching smaller (less than 20 inches) red fish with a gulp shrimp stabbed into a 3/16 inch leadhead. There’s a lot of fun, but nothing in the freezer. Then I hooked a big fish and after fighting it for a while, the line loosened. disappointing. There is no fish for the ice box.

Immediately Beth set the hook on a real fish. He started stripping the line from her reel at high speed. She did a good job fighting fish. When he stops after a long look, she will pump him up and line up. Then another run.

“I don’t know who will win this battle,” she said.

Hooray. I once saw her fighting a 100-pound Indo-Pacific in Belize for 1 hour and 15 minutes. She won the battle, even though she couldn’t open her hand after a long war.

Slowly, the big red fish got tired and got closer and closer to the boat. Finally, I slid the landing net under a golden fish about 28 inches. He was just under 28 inches, so he went into the cooler box. You need to release Redfish over 28 inches.

The next week we returned to Aranzas. Beth didn’t want to fish, so I fished with my brother Wayne for two days. Wayne copied Beth from the same hole with a large 277/8 inch red fish. Then I hooked a big fish, but he didn’t run as long and hot as Wayne’s red fish. It was a big black drum. He fought like a bulldog. The drums are very powerful and hit from toe to toe. A beautiful 23-inch silver fish with black stripes has finally arrived on the net.

Black drums are a good table fare. Once considered a garbage fish, it is now the main fish on the menus of most seafood restaurants. I don’t know the difference in taste between red fish and black drum. We finished the day with 4 big red fish, 3 black drums and 2 squares. good day.

The next morning, Wayne and I boarded the boat. Smaller than his boat, but great for thin water. The second day was quite a fishing day. I caught 32 small reds, 3 small trout and 1 small flounder. Inside the box were again four big red fish, two big drums, and a nice spotted trout.All completed by 11:30 am

I’m glad that the flounder was small. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Service has set the moratorium to keep flatfish in November and December. The flounder population in Texas Bay has declined significantly over the last two decades. Hopefully, tighter regulation will reverse the downtrend. However, it will be really difficult to release a large 21 inch blanket flounder. It’s like watching a feast of seafood swim away.

Catching redfish and black drum while fishing in Aransas Pass Source link Catching redfish and black drum while fishing in Aransas Pass

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