Cassie Randolph Explains “Horrible” Way She Learned Colton Underwood Was Gay

Cassie Randolph has broken the silence.

The subject is both very personal and very painful.

The former Bachelor winner visited Kaitlyn Bristowe’s “Off the Vine” podcast on Tuesday as he pondered the details of Colton Underwood’s gay appearance.

Randolph, of course, dated Underwood after more than a year of season.

But then the couple divorced in May 2020.

And then things turned ugly Randolph accuses Underwood of persecution giving him and even a restraining order against his ex.

Underwood then apologized for his behavior and the couple ended up mediating, at least in a legal sense.

And then Underwood appeared on Good Morning America in April 2021 and told Robin Roberts on television:I’m gay

In an interview with Bristowe, Randolph claimed that Colton did not provide him with information about the Good Morning America interview.

“I got to know the same way everyone else did,” he told Kaitlyn, adding that he saw the video on the news on social media.

“It was awful,” Cassie admitted.

Randolph actually stopped for the final of this month’s Bachelor season and sat down with presenter Jesse Palmer to compare his situation to that of Susie Evans, who left the show after Clayton Echard slept with two other contestants … but eventually returned and ended the simple date. pace.

“I definitely had a déjà vu when I watched this,” Cassie said in the finals.

“I think the fact that Susie left originally was just a kind of performance, she really stayed intuitive and was right – as hard as it was, she had to leave.”

However, Evans is now seemingly happy with Echard.

Randolph, for his part, has only now opened up how things fell apart between him and Underwood.

“I haven’t talked about it, so it’s really hard for me to talk about it at all or even know the right word when I talk about it,” he told Bristowelle.

“I feel so much pressure when asked that I want to be open and honest about things.

“But I’m just not there yet.

“I’m sure I’ll talk about it one day because there’s just a lot.”

Cassie then clarified how she was told about Colton’s sexuality.

“I found out the same way everyone else did,” he recalls.

“I was actually on holiday in Mexico with friends … But yeah, I found out, I guess GMA through Snapchat.

“It was terrible. It was just such a shocking feeling.”

Speaking to Roberts, Underwood admitted how royally he fell in love with Randolph and their relationship.

“I’d like to apologize for the end of things. I’m messing things up. I made a lot of bad choices,” the 29-year-old Bachelor star said last April, adding that his love for Cassieen made things “more confusing” for him.

“I’d just say I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.

“I wish it hadn’t happened as it did.”

Cassie, who has been dating Brighton Reinhardt since May 2021, sounds at least like that.

He has come a long way.

“I think I’ve really grown into myself over the last few years,” Randolph told Bristowelle, pondering how he’s changed since The Bachelor series.

“I mean, so much has happened … I feel a lot more determined about what I want or what I think about things.

“[During the show], I think I was just very young. It was so new that now I’m kind of used to this new kind of life change and I see things more clearly as they are. “

Cassie Randolph Explains “Horrible” Way She Learned Colton Underwood Was Gay Source link Cassie Randolph Explains “Horrible” Way She Learned Colton Underwood Was Gay

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