Care And Maintenance of Men’s Toupee

The importance of appearance and first impressions lead men to look for alternative hair styles that will conceal balding. This is understandable as men desire to appear youthful and attractive way past fifty. Men’s toupee is one of the main choices chosen by men when faced with the dilemma of balding or thinning hair. A toupee is a synthetic or natural hair partial wig, it is used to conceal or cover balding or thinning hair. Traditionally it is the older male that wears a toupee but as toupee creation has improved and toupees have become more realistic, younger males have taken up wearing toupees.

Washing of toupee:

Male pattern baldness is an insidious process that wreaks havoc not only with our appearance, but also with our self-esteem. In a world that treasures youth and virility, it is very hard to retain your self-respect as you lose your hair. Men are averse to losing their hair for a variety of reasons, most notably the fact that it will affect their image. While we all know that appearances can be deceiving, we also know that the world operates almost exclusively by appearances. For all intents and purposes, we unconsciously believe that what we see with our eyes is the entire truth. When men begin to lose their hair, they are perceived to be “slipping”, “getting up in years”, or even “washed up.” For the self-respecting man, such perceptions are neither pleasant nor acceptable. Something must be done to alter these perceptions.

Caring for the Toupee:

A toupee or men’s hair pieces is easy to blend with the man’s natural hair style and color. The man should have a professional cosmetologist style and color his natural hair and cut the toupee to blend in perfectly with his hair. When the hair color is properly matched and blended with the man’s hair, the toupee looks very natural. It is hard to spot a toupee that is professionally colored and blended with the man’s hair. 

What to do for toupee maintenance? 

It is important to have the toupee cared for professionally. A bi-weekly appointment schedule should be adhered to. At this appointment the man should receive a trim and if needed a coloring treatment should be done on his natural hair. The toupee or hair piece should be washed and cared for as well. If the toupee is regularly washed and the man’s hair is regularly trimmed, then the toupee should never appear to be artificial or fake.

Why you need maintenance of toupee? 

A toupee that is not washed may look like a bird’s nest. Referring to a toupee as a bird’s nest implies that the toupee looked matted, unkempt and fake. It is vital that a professional clean and care for the hair piece. Men’s toupee are not the easy way out. They must be cared for on a regular basis in order to maintain a look of excellence and style. It is generally embarrassing for all, when a man wears a noticeable toupee. He is often the brunt of jokes or gossip. A professionally fitted and styled toupee will last a man many years and will remain a well-kept secret.

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