Canine influenza outbreak cases double in one month

Silver Lake (KABC)-According to the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, cases of canine flu and leptospirosis have increased since the first outbreak in August.

They currently report 200 cases of canine flu and 119 cases of leptospirosis. This is more than double the number of both last month.

“The number of cases we’ve seen so far has been almost overwhelming,” said veterinarian Dr. Mike McClenahan.

Canine flu is like canine flu and only infects other dogs. However, leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that spreads through the urine and can infect humans.

Dr. Sehaj Grewal said he has already diagnosed several cases of leptospirosis and is receiving about five leptospirosis vaccines daily.

“I was a little surprised at that. I think this is a problem,” said Dr. Grewal.

There are vaccines for both canine flu and leptospirosis. Doctors recommend getting them, even if they have been recommended only to owners who have cared for or boarded dogs in the past.

Authorities are advised to be careful before taking a dog to a dog park or groomer without vaccination and to leave it at home if symptoms such as vomiting or low energy are present.

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Canine influenza outbreak cases double in one month Source link Canine influenza outbreak cases double in one month

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