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Candice Parker makes a triple-double of LA Sparks

Downtown Chicago Sky Candace Parker defends Sparks striker Nneka Ogwumike (Amanda Scurlock / LA, Sentinel)

Chicago star Candice Parker spent a historic night in her 82-59 victory over the Los Angeles Sparks. In three quarters, she won her third triple-double of her career (10 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists). Parker already has the most triple-doubles of every WNBA player in history. Given her achievement, she mentioned how “prices [her] teammates. ”

“I love being a playmaker, I think in terms of trying to hit and hit,” Parker said. “We’re a team that can shoot, it can get to the paint, it can play in second place, it can play on the go, and that’s the way I like to play.”

Sparks’ defensive aggression grows and weakens throughout the night; this did not interfere with the accuracy of the shot in Heaven. Sparks Guard Britney Sykes noted how they need to improve in defense.

“[Parker] I had the ball most of the night, “she said. “I’m pretty sure it was probably a scheme because we’re putting a hell of a lot of pressure on the guards, so why not let four players bring it in because you don’t usually see it.”

Sparks striker Nneka Ogvumike led by 13 points and center Olivia Nelson-Ododa made six rebounds. It was a tough night for the Sparks to shoot, as they shot at 32.3 percent of the field and scored 3-14 on three-point shots.

Sykes scored 13 points, five rebounds and three assists. Striker Katie Lou Samuelson scored eight points and five rebounds.

Sparks Guard Britney Sykes Scores 13 Points Against Chicago Sky (Amanda Scherlock / LA Sentinel)

“We just didn’t put it in, we dug a hole and kept digging,” said Sparks interim head coach Fred Williams. “I’m trying to get some results, a lot of missed delays, transition points.”

Sky kept Sparks up to 12 points in the first quarter and Ogwumike did not score until the second phase. By halftime Sky led 54-25; they fired at 51.4 percent of the field and 54.5 percent from the center.

After the intermission, Los Angeles opened tracks that made them more competitive. According to Sykes, Los Angeles has decided to reach the basket during this phase.

“We had more punches than we did, so we got punches, we didn’t have a problem with that, we just had to do them,” Sykes said. “I think we just decided as a team – just to be aggressive, not to miss shots, even though they don’t come in.”

Nelson-Ododa was an advantage for the Sparks in the second half. She noted how she has been mentored by Ogwumike in recent games.

“I think it’s just fine-tuning skills and just learning and creating that sequence before games, just to get into the right way of thinking,” she said. “She has definitely really helped with her leadership and only her guidance.”

The Sparks will travel to fight the storm in Seattle on Saturday, June 25 from 18:00.

Candace Parker Makes a Triple-Double on the L.A. Sparks – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Candace Parker Makes a Triple-Double on the L.A. Sparks – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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