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Chicago — Candace Parker does not anticipate another rout that will complete the perfect ending of her return home by bringing the first WNBA title to the cities of Chicago and Sky.

Parker and Sky will try to win the Best 5 Series in Chicago on Sunday after Game 3’s explosive victory over Phoenix Mercury on Friday. Chicago leads 2-1.

Interfering with the championship are the league’s highest scorers, Diana Torashi and Mercury.

“Yeah, Game 4. I think it’s important to keep the same spirit as when you joined the game (Friday). It’s going to be really hard, so it’s more than that. If you think it’s going to be easier, it’s That’s it. Lie. May there be a great player on the other side, “Parker said.

Parker, who scored 13 points in Game 3, is about to win his second WNBA championship, but winning in Chicago may be as important as winning Los Angeles in 2016 Sparks. Parker was a high school star in Naperville Central in the western suburbs. After winning two state titles in high school in 2003 and 2004, he won the national spotlight in Tennessee.

Carrea Copper helped Parker and Sky move one step closer to the championship by scoring 20 of the 22 points in the first half, winning 86-50 on Friday and the most biased victory in WNBA history.

“After such a game, you’ll want to feel crushed and hopeless. But after all, you win 40, win 1, it’s one game, and maybe they’re the same. I’m sure I’ll say that, “said Taurashi.

Taurasi, who won the WNBA three times, said he hadn’t lost his championship since his third year of high school. She has received more praise than anyone else in the sport for her five Olympic gold medals and three NCAA championships, but it is undecided whether Taurashi will continue her career this season and beyond.

Taurashi’s wife, Penny Taylor, gave birth to just her second child. She spends time in the off-season deciding whether to run the year she left the contract.

“Hopefully I can fulfill my obligations I promised last summer, but you never know,” she said. “As I said, the WNBA’s off-season is so long that you don’t have to play abroad, so it takes eight months to be physically and mentally ready for the game, so Penn. And I’m actually doing it in discussions with my family. The little soul I’m looking for to see if this is what I want to keep doing. “

Teammate Skylar Diggins-Smith is ready to support Taurashi on the decisions she has chosen.

“We probably won’t see anything like that again, so we need to thank what she sees,” Diggins-Smith said. “So I don’t take any time to admit it with her in court. No matter what happens next, I’ll cross the bridge when I get there. Whatever she decides. She You don’t have to prove anything. You owe something to someone. She has a beautiful family. No matter what she decides to do, we will support her. “


Mercury coach Sandy Brondello is dissatisfied with the inconsistent position.

“Yes, I don’t know. That’s not normal, I don’t say anything because I know it’s difficult. I know it’s not perfect. But you know Yes, I don’t think they’re always bad. It’s just a little more consistent. I don’t know. Maybe – who knows. Keeping referees in our league, refereeing more games , And not going to college, two different rules, I think it helps. That’s one of them. You need money for that too, “she said.

“To be honest, I’m not the one who blames others. If I blame someone, it’s me. That’s me. But yeah, I’m in a position, good days, so good There are days when it’s not. It’s just consistently good or bad, I don’t care. “

Candace Parker and Chicago Sky one win from WNBA title – Press Telegram Source link Candace Parker and Chicago Sky one win from WNBA title – Press Telegram

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