Camila Cabello Says She Has ‘A Lot to Be Thankful For’ Amid Breakup With Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello break up, But it didn’t stop her from expressing gratitude for this Thanksgiving..

November 25, Pop star She shared an Instagram video featuring three adorable dogs that she describes as her “squad.” Man, The chilling puppy on her lap is Tarzan, the dog of the “Senorita” singer who was hired with her ex-girlfriend. Shawn Mendes, Last year.

“I have a lot to thank, but I’m especially grateful that the whole team has to try to hang me while meditating 🧘‍♀️,” Cabello wrote in the caption. “Thank you everyone!”

The singer also took the time to recognize her human friends, family and, of course, her supportive fans. “I am very grateful to everyone here who sent me love, listened to my music, and supported me on this creative / life journey! I haven’t met much, but love. I will show you the kindness and support, so I will send it to you soon. ” “After all, we live in this crazy and confusing magical world at the same time. We believe that everything is interconnected and not really alone. Thank you to my family and friends, and my plant and animal family and friends ❤️ I send you a lot of love and gratitude today ❤️ “

November 17th Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes release Joint statement After announcing the split in the Instagram story 2 years.. “Hey everyone, we decided to end our romantic relationship, but our love for each other as humans is stronger than ever,” they said. Per E! news. “We started our relationship as best friends and will continue to be best friends. Thank you for your support from the beginning.”

This shocked many fans, but sources Said Man The relationship is simply that the course was carried out. “At this point it wasn’t a relationship we could move forward,” sources said. “It seems that romance has burst.”

A few days later, another source suggested Shawn Mendes The split has started.. Camila Cabello was reportedly “extremely angry with the division,” but sources revealed that she ultimately “agreeed” that it was the best.

“The relationship was old and complacent. They decided it was better to be friends,” sources said. I told E!“It wasn’t a bad division at all,” he added.

As for Cabello, she works through it. “It was really hard for a few days, but she spends a lot of time with her friends and is busy,” said a source. “She has a huge support system and feels new now.”

Camila Cabello Says She Has ‘A Lot to Be Thankful For’ Amid Breakup With Shawn Mendes Source link Camila Cabello Says She Has ‘A Lot to Be Thankful For’ Amid Breakup With Shawn Mendes

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