Call for entries: The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies 2022

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The Financial Times summarizes the third edition of the fastest growing companies in the Americas, a ranking and special report on high-growth companies in the Americas, published in April 2022.

FT is partnering with Statista to identify the 500 most profitable companies in the Americas between 2017 and 2020.

NS Special reportPublished in the weekday edition of the FT newspaper and on, publishes a complete interactive ranking along with an article by FT correspondents on trends highlighted by the survey.You can see the latest version of this report and ranking here..

Potential candidates can be contacted by Statista or presented with a name via This site..

A complete list of the fastest growing companies in the Americas 2021

Check the current ranking here

Why does my company need to participate?

New business opportunities

Being included in the fastest growing companies in the Americas is a visible public recognition of the performance of companies far beyond a particular industry or country. It will also draw attention to your business on the part of potential partners, customers and investors around the world.


Corporate growth usually creates demand for new employees. Being included in the ranking of the fastest growing companies in the Americas raises awareness of you and your potential as an employer.

Media coverage

Special reports will be published in the weekday edition of the FT newspaper and on Full rankings are published online and FT reporters focus on interesting companies, sectors and trends highlighted in the list.

Employer branding

All listed companies can use the award logo for marketing purposes by paying a license fee. Your company can tell you that it’s on the list for free.

Access to over a million facts

All applicants who provide sales data, whether or not they are included in the ranked companies, will receive a two-week free Statista company test account.

Who are you targeting?

Companies in the following 20 countries:

Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, USA, Uruguay, Venezuela.

To be included in your company’s ranking Must meet these criteria:

  • Revenue of at least $ 100,000 generated in 2017¹

  • Revenue of at least $ 1.5 million generated in 2020¹

  • Must be independent (not a subsidiary or branch of any kind)

  • Must be headquartered in one of the above 20 countries in the Americas

¹ Countries that do not use dollars to represent revenue must provide an equivalent average local currency value during the course of the relevant fiscal year.

How do I register?

Step 1: Register online

please Register with Statista NS December 15th.. or, shape Send as PDF, At the time of completion.

Step 2: Validate revenue information

You need to check your revenue data. Please use this form For this purpose. The form must be signed by the Managing Director or a member of the Executive Committee (CEO or CFO). Then send it to Statista by email, fax, or email. December 31..

Online registration form: English / Spanish / Portuguese

Revenue confirmation form: English / Spanish / Portuguese

Registration form PDF: English / Spanish / Portuguese

Contact details

If you have any other questions, or would like to contact us in any other way, please email us.

Call for entries: The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies 2022 Source link Call for entries: The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies 2022

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