California wildfire prevention gets $536 million boost

Governor Gavin Newsom and legislative leaders announced a $ 536 million proposal on Thursday as the drought situation raised concerns after the worst fire season in California’s history, including firefighting and vegetation management. Strengthen precautions. Construction of state-wide fireproof structures.

According to an overview provided by legislative staff, more than $ 350 million is fire protection, including a program to approve certain fires and other ways to reduce the growth of California’s most devastating fire-causing vegetation. It is spent on restraint efforts. The package also includes $ 25 million to reinforce old homes that weren’t built using the fireproofing methods needed during construction over the last decade.

Newsom will discuss the proposal during his afternoon visit to Fresno County, and the legislature will consider the details at a hearing on Monday.

Governor Pro Tem Toni Atkins (D-San Diego), Speaker of the Senate, and Anthony Lendon (D-Lakewood), Chairman of Parliament, said in a joint statement that the deal will secure sufficient funding for fires this spring and summer. Fire protection activities in the most endangered communities stated that they aim to ensure that and provide incentives.

“California is also facing a very dry year, so it’s important to get a good start to reduce the risk of fire,” state leaders said in writing.

Michael Walla, director of the Climate and Energy Policy Program at Stanford University’s Woods Institute for Environmental Studies, will enable rapid access to funds for projects aimed at minimizing the risk of the upcoming fire season. Said that the agreement was properly prepared.

“More money is being spent faster,” Hara said in his proposal. “This is really an emergency and should be treated that way.”

Newsom’s January state budget will provide $ 1 billion in wildfire prevention efforts, and Thursday’s announcement will facilitate the use of most of that money.

Last year, about 4 million acres were burned down in a wildfire in California, according to statistics compiled by the California Department of Forestry and Fire. This year, four of the five largest flames in the state’s recorded history were seen. This is not comparable to the lightning flames that have become known as August Complex Fires, burning over a million acres in Mendoshino, Humboldt, Trinity, Tehama, Glen and Lake. And Colusa County.

This year’s fire situation could get worse. Many of California’s largest reservoirs are only half full Winter snow and rain in Northern California are below average.

Most of the money allocated in the proposal announced Thursday comes from the General Fund, the main bank account of the California Government Program. Unexpected tax collection has already created a plunge of billions of dollars. This proposal relies on less from the revenue of the state’s cap and trade program, where companies pay for greenhouse gas emissions credits.

Many lawmakers want to spend more of their climate change money on fire protection, but the new deal jumps into political instability and vegetation management and other fire season protection. Avoid the possibility of delaying local and regional efforts.

Mr Walla said Californians should consider Thursday’s agreement, which is included in Newsom’s $ 1 billion proposal earlier this year, as a good starting point. But he said it wasn’t enough to manage one million acres of endangered land next year, and at least 10 million acres across California needed fire protection.

“This is a good start, but this is the first year,” he said. “We need to maintain even greater funding on this scale, and perhaps for 10 years.”

California wildfire prevention gets $536 million boost Source link California wildfire prevention gets $536 million boost

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