California Urges People to Vacation in State, Boost Tourism – NBC Bay Area

California tourism industry leaders have spent travel expenses exploring their home states for residents as the number of cases of coronavirus remains low and the industry is recovering from a 55% decline in revenue. Is urging you to spend.

Nearly 40 million states have strict limits to curb pandemics and are one of the most conservative countries in the United States. Currently, California has the lowest prevalence in the country, and on Tuesday Los Angeles and San Francisco received permission from the state to reopen bars, restaurants, museums, and businesses more widely.

Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, who is facing a scallop this year in response to a pandemic, has announced that the state is on track to fully resume its economy in mid-June.

As the number of vaccinations increases, more and more people are booking trips to their favorite places, such as the Wine Country of Northern California, the coast of Santa Barbara, and Disneyland. Disneyland reopened last week after an unprecedented 13-month closure.

State tourism revenue plummeted from $ 145 billion in 2019 to $ 65 billion last year. Caroline Beteta, president and CEO of Visit California, a non-profit organization that pitches the state, said the numbers were at pre-pandemic levels until 2024 due to the current distance of international travelers. Not expected to exceed.

The travel and tourism industry has lost half of the estimated 1.2 million jobs. Travel spending is expected to reach nearly $ 98 billion this year, reach $ 126 billion in 2022, and exceed $ 151 billion in 2024.

Elected officials and travel executives appeared at the San Francisco Convention Center on Tuesday to facilitate travel within the state.

“It’s all about supporting this industry, which supports so many jobs in many small businesses, but also the fact that it’s time to get back into public safely again. I’m calling on the Californians of California. I think we all need it. A short weekend break, “said Deputy Governor Eleni Kounalakis.

San Francisco and other gateway cities that rely heavily on international tourism have been hit particularly hard, said Joe Dallesandro, president and chief executive officer of San Francisco Travel. Spending from international visitors fell 84% last year to $ 829 million, and spending on conferences and conferences fell 85% to $ 275 million.

During the pandemic, the Moscorn Convention Center served as a haven for homeless residents, a hub for emergency activities in the city, and a place for mass vaccination.

“Now is the time to open this building for its core function of hosting meetings and large-scale events to really support the center of the city. You will see this happen this fall. “D’Alessandro said.

The state lost $ 12 billion between June and February 2020 as residents took vacations outside the state, including $ 1 billion in Mexico, according to Beteta.

“This is to choose California, first choose fellow Californians as an act of modern patriotism, and help bring the state back on track,” she said.

California Urges People to Vacation in State, Boost Tourism – NBC Bay Area Source link California Urges People to Vacation in State, Boost Tourism – NBC Bay Area

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