California union honors teacher fired for ‘racism’ – Press Telegram

The California Teachers Association has just given one Human Rights Award to a teacher who was fired not long ago for teaching a “Mexican supremacist agenda” and “racism.”

The award should be for “especially notable” teachers who promote “inclusion, teach the truth, and empower students and peers” and for their “efforts to unify”. But according to the Whittier Daily News, Guadalupe Carrasco Cardona, a member of United Teachers Los Angeles who now serves as an intervention coordinator at the Roybal Learning Center in downtown Los Angeles, was fired from teaching ethnic studies at Ellen Ochoa Prep Academy in Pico Rivera. The reason was his resignation in 2018: among other things, his links with Unión del Barrio, a group of teachers focused on the reunification of Mexico to land as a legacy of Spain.

Unión del Barrio describes himself as “‘militant’ and ‘socialist’, seeking to ‘advance the liberation and reunification of Mexico under a revolutionary government, immediately accountable to the people,'” the Whittier Daily News wrote.

Once made public, Cardona’s curriculum received criticism from the school district’s ethnic studies facilitator. The official noted that “ethnic studies are about celebrating people, culture and humanity, not about pushing one agenda or raising one ethnic group over another. That, my dear friends in the community, is called racism, not ethnic studies.”

Cardona advocates said the reaction was driven by supporters of Donald Trump pushing for a “white supremacist agenda.” That is a strange and desperate claim in a city where only 5% of the population voted for the former president. But what exactly was the underlying philosophy of Cardona’s ethical studies? On her personal website, she moderates a panel titled “Beautiful White Co-Conspiratorship,” where she discusses the difference between “white allies” and “white co-conspirators,” which is essentially the difference between having a Facebook profile on Black Lives. Matter. photo and have a “long-term lifelong commitment to changing the social structures of racism and inequality,” as one guest put it.

The conversation also focused on the “decolonization” of “whites” and “taking a step toward being white,” whose definition was so incomprehensible that it could only be conceived by an academic. To be fair, it was his guests who spoke, not his host, Cardona, who nodded in approval and thanked him many times.

Trying to elevate the status of disadvantaged groups and celebrate different cultures is a hallmark of American culture, one of the reasons (as the Union del Barrio website strangely points out), and it is entirely appropriate to condemn white supremacy and all forms of racism, but all too often Cardona’s worldview is transformed into a connection of paranoid points that finds that almost everything has its origin in white supremacy.

The impetus for white co-conspiracy is along the same lines as anti-racism philosophy and critical race theory. Of course, the national narrative is that CRT is not taught in schools. But in a presentation entitled “Critical Theory of Race: What It Is and What Not,” Cardona was presented as about to “share with you how he uses critical theory of race without naming it in his classroom.”

Cardona is not shy about his racism. When public outrage threatened to overthrow a statewide ethnic curriculum (ESMC) model, Cardona criticized them. “All attacks on the ESMC came from the realms of whiteness and authoritarian whitesplaining,” he explained in a 2021 presentation on ethnic studies and teacher preparation.

California union honors teacher fired for ‘racism’ – Press Telegram Source link California union honors teacher fired for ‘racism’ – Press Telegram

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