California SME COVID-19 Relief Grant Program Ends January 13 – Pasadena Now

Applications for the California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program will be accepted until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, January 13th.

This is the last chance of the first round of grant application, but there may be another opportunity to support SMEs later this month. The recruitment date for the second round will be announced at a later date.

The first round of the program officially launched on December 30th, with thousands of applications, and some companies did not have access to the application process by the first deadline of January 8th.

The Department of Small Business Advocacy (CalOSBA), which is part of the Governor’s Department of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), has decided to adjust the program’s website and extend the application deadline to this Wednesday.

The program subsidizes eligible SMEs for up to $ 25,000 to help them float during a pandemic. Eligible SMEs include SMEs with total annual revenues between $ 1,000 and $ 2.5 million based on recently filed tax returns, including sole proprietorships and nonprofits.

Companies that previously benefited from the CARES Act or other grants will continue to be eligible for the new grant.

CalOSBA stated that applicants who submitted the application and all documents in the first round do not need to reapply in the second round. Eligible applications are automatically rolled over to the next funding round for consideration.

For more information on grant requirements and eligibility, please visit www.careliefgrant.com.

Meanwhile, the City of Pasadena and the Pasadena Community Foundation (PCF) announced this week that applications for Pasadena’s own small business COVID-19 relief grant program will begin on January 25. This program aims to provide a pandemic relief grant for bricks. Mortar SMEs affected by COVID-19 are in the form of redemption.

The program will provide approximately 50 refundable grants, each of $ 7,500, to qualified SMEs in the city. According to the announcement, the program will be funded from the city’s annual Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) allocation.

PCF and the Pasadena Center for Small and Medium Enterprise Development (SBDC) will conduct a virtual orientation on the program and post it on the PCF website before opening the application window. The orientation session will cover the program, application process, and support documents required for redemption.

In addition, SBDC will host a series of webins to notify applicants and address questions regarding the application process.

Interested companies are encouraged to sign up for SBDC at www.pccsbdc.org/newclient for additional assistance in the application process.

For additional information about the city’s SME COVID-19 Relief Grant Program, call Kate Clavijo or Mike de Hilster, PCF Program Officer at (626) 796-2097. Write to 7 or extension 5, or kclavijo@pasadenacf.org, or mdehilster@pasadenacf.org.

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California SME COVID-19 Relief Grant Program Ends January 13 – Pasadena Now

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