California school walkout: Parents, teachers rally against student vaccine mandate

San Dimas, CA (KABC)-Parents, teachers, and some children participated in a series of protests across Southern California on Monday as part of a state-wide backlash against vaccination obligations for California students.

The organizers asked parents to keep their children home or to leave the class in the form of a protest against Governor Gavin Christopher. COVID vaccine obligations..

Outside the San Dimas Unified School District building, protesters carry a sign that says “My body, my choice”, “I call a shot, not you!” On the outside sidewalk. Marched along. more.

Among them was Carol Wilkerson Runge, a former teacher in the district.

“I’m personally vaccinated. Half of my family is vaccinated, but half aren’t vaccinated. But again, you’re free to choose.” She said.

California school children in direct attendance should be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine once fully approved. Enforcement may start as early as January, but is more likely to start in July.

“We are not strong anti-vaxx type people, we just feel that we do not have enough long-term data to justify this mission,” said parent Russell Knoll.

Her mother, Heidi Henry, told Eyewitness News two months ago that she and her entire family had been infected with COVID-19.

“I’ve never been to a hospital, so it’s not the unvaccinated people who fill the hospital … as they begin to rob us of all our other freedoms, we We need to fight for this, “she said.

As with any other state-wide event, a much larger group of protesters gathered at Huntington Beach Pier to deliver the same message.

“We know that when children are at home from school, it affects the money the school gets for the day,” said parent Babe Priet, who supports the strike. “And we want them to know that we are serious about not being forced to vaccinate our children.”

Other parents claim that students already need to be immunized with 10 other serious illnesses in order to attend school in California.

“Usually, when a child attends a public school here in the United States, he signs an agreement to vaccinate the child,” said Auckland parent Michael Avila. “And there is usually a list of vaccinations / immunizations your child needs to have.”

“I’m disappointed that people aren’t taking the vaccine seriously,” said Dave Kanepa, supervisor of San Mateo County. “As a parent, you want to make sure your child is in a safe school environment.”

“Understand that this vaccine is not Slam Dunk,” Prieto told ABC7News, not “antibacs,” but supporting other more established schoolchildren’s immunization. “You can still get sick. You can still pass the illness.”

In California, 85% of eligible residents received at least one COVID vaccine. Governor Newsome estimates that the state has the lowest 7-day case rate in the country.

KGO-TV contributed to this report.

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California school walkout: Parents, teachers rally against student vaccine mandate Source link California school walkout: Parents, teachers rally against student vaccine mandate

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